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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Old Settee

So…this gorgeous piece of furniture…has been “gifted” to me. I am super excited to give her a make over. Now, don’t get me wrong…the original fabric is ‘lovely’… 058

However, it is simply not me. It is too busy. Is this a problem? NO!!! Not for me! I’ll just change her up!

001 (2)

first I stripped her “naked”…

005 (2)

Then I painted the wood in a black semi-gloss paint. 014

Once the paint dried, (which seemed to take FOREVER) I rubbed over it with a cabernet (red) stain. This gives the carving a bit of definition and softened the black down a touch. (and yes…this took forever to dry…no fun for miss impatient here)012

When it FINALLY dried…I glued a thick layer of batting to the existing foam. (glued my arm to the foam, and my scissors closed too-yep-that’s just the way I roll around here.028

Now the fun began…staples were flying, scissors cutting…and I must say…DULL scissors too…my sharp ones disappeared! But I persevered…and think I won!


After I finally got the fabric in place, I opted not to put the tufting back on the back of the settee…Instead I decided to put this fringe on. I have seen pieces done with the bushy fringe and loved the look, so I thought I’d try it. I LOVE IT! I think it kind of makes it a touch less formal.


I did have this lovely lady sitting in the sunroom, but now…she sits proudly in the living room of my house. I moved out the red painted one and just traded spots with them! I would not want the sun to fade my pretty new olive green fabric!


The photos do not seem to show the true color of the fabric. It is almost a perfect match to the green in the rug in front.


Now Gloria over at Happy to Be gave me a bit of a lesson on this piece. It is very low to the ground…and it is very old. She figured it was early 1900’s at least. The low to the ground feature was made to accommodate the ladies in their hoop skirts. (it made sitting a LOT easier) Thank you Gloria! {8-)


I think it fits in perfectly with the antique stereo, trunk and sewing machine in here.

…she reminds me so much of Gloria over at Happy To Be….if you have not been over there for a visit yet…you really are missing out…she knows a LOT about antiques…and her home is to die for! I just adore Gloria, she’s my ‘mom’ ya know!

Well, that’s what I did last Friday afternoon and evening.

Think this should keep me covered till Fertilizer Friday??? hahaha!

Hope so…’cause I’ll be in the greenhouse!