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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Jan 15/10

We are once again headed into the weekend, and what better way to do this than to share a prade of the most beautiful flowers from all over blog land!
Fertilizer Friday is the day when gardeners from all over the world join in and share the blooms of their labors!
If you are new to this party...WELCOME!!! If you are a regular...WELCOME BACK! Anyone can post plants of any are all welcome...the more the merrier!
Now...if you are not familiar with the winter rules will be...since I have ZERO to gardens are bare...I (and other gardeners in similar climates) are sharing our favorite photos from months, gardens, years gone by, or the current indoor gardens and houseplants that they have. Those who have real live beauty to share are doing just that!
I would like to add, that if you are not a may still join in. The name Fertilizer Friday actually was coined to remind those of us who like to feed our greens, but forget! Fertilizing is not a must...but the flaunting...IS!
So? What are we waiting for? Feed your flowers/ houseplants...gardens...snap some photos, link in and Flaunt with me!
My flaunt for today is one of a bit different style than I usually do. I am not posting anything that I currently or even had growing in my garden in the past. I am posting on what I plan to have growing in my garden this spring!
Each year I choose all the old favorites...plants that I know for certain will grow in my garden (with little or no effort on my I then go ahead and challenge myself to grow a few that I have not ever heard of...or tried in the past.
The following are this year's new additions to my seed list and future garden.

TRAILING SNAP DRAGONS!!!!! have you ever heard of these? I have not! I grow Snap Dragons without fail every single year and love them every color and height...but I have never ever seen a trailing when this was in the book...I ordered right away.

Just look at these Sunflowers! They are called Thunder and Lightening!!! I have yet to try a sunflower...and thought this year is as good as any!!! is a year of new beginnings and why the heck not?

Purple Bells...Cerinthe. I have not ever tried them if you all have any tips or words of instruction...have at er!!!

African Daisy. Nope!!! I have not tried these before either. I have done other types...but these were I ordered these.

I are wondering if I have issues that I have never planted a Cosmos in my garden!!! But this year I am planting these ones...aren't they pretty?

The seed order is in...the soil is purchased...and thawing in the garage...the greenhouse is set up (almost completely) and all I am doing now is waiting for the post man to bring me that glorious package...or I can stop being presentable in public...and go back to having soil under my nails and in my hair! lol

So? what are you planting? Have you started yet? Link in and share your garden...or plans with us! I can't wait to see!

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