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Friday, January 22, 2010

Guess What!!! Tootsie Time is Having A Giveaway!!!

Hello Ladies and Gents! Happy Saturday!!!!
I am so excited to share this with you...that I am doing a post on the weekend!

This past week a very nice young man named Tyler contacted me about a great opportunity for us all. He has been reading my blog, and had noted that all of my fabulous followers are home and garden enthusiasts. So- Tyler sent me a link or three for me to peruse, and has graciously offered to sponsor a give away for my followers!
I have been doing a little online shopping on his sites, and have come across this sign...isn't it just perfect? I adore this saying!!!
I want one of these signs ...and I am sure several of you do if you are interested in winning this sign in a GIVEAWAY ... This is what you will need to know:

Tyler has given me three different links to share with you all....three great sites!!!

Just by stopping by the sites featured in this blog post you will have the chance to be entered to win this adorable garden sign.
Here is how you get entered:
Every post that I publish from now until this coming Friday, will have the link to House Numbers or CSN stores, or Outdoor Lighting and More.
Each time that you stop by and visit them, let me know what item caught your eye, (oh and believe me....more than one will grab your attention) and I will be sure to enter your name in the drawing for that wonderful sign above!!!

Remember...there are three separate sites to visit...and this means you will have lots to see! I know you will love the CSN Stores is amazing the things you will find there! I plan to share the favorites that I find when browsing around too....

So there you have it...three great sites..all week to enter often as you long as you share a favorite from one of these sites each time...(cannot be the same favorite each time either)
I can't wait to see what you share...this is a great way to make sure we don't miss an item!

Don't Forget!!!....there is also THREE bonus entries for every one who links in and joins me for Fertilizer Friday next lets get busy ladies and gents....this is going to be fantastic!
Meet me back here next time for more of the make-over and a few more favorites from the sponsor of our great garden sign giveaway!