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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Trash"....To Treasure! Phase 1

I have this friend who is a single mom. She works very hard to support her 10 year old son all by herself. She recently asked me to help her choose some paint colors for her home, and I was more than happy to oblige her!

We went to her house to take a look around, and she started to fill me in on her plan to re-fresh her surroundings and make them a place to call home. She pointed to the sofa and said it is to be sold...she wants new ones...then she started to point to things all over the place that she had already resigned to the garbage pile.

OH NO!!! Not the wood furniture!!! Why throw it out? Why not just do a make-over on this stuff??? These were the first things out of my mouth. There is nothing really wrong with any of her stuff....she is just plain tired of looking at unfinished pine. SO....This is where I come in.
This bench was sitting in her front was supposed be burned she has had it for 7 years or I took it home and did...well a few small changes to it.
I wasn't even finished with it and she was so excited she made me stop here! She didn't want me to tone it down...or blend it anymore...she just loves this new look!
I had also brought home some of her smaller accessories...the magazine a coat of mat black spray paint and a rub with some reddish stain.

There are three of these...

Which now look like this! Huge difference it makes!

These wooden crates were also originally pine...but now they have some weight to them with a fresh new look!I also brought home this pine buffet. She hated it and tried to give it to me...I like the bones...and started to work on it a little bit.
Here it is...almost finished.
All done! Bet you never guess who doesn't get to keep the buffet! ha ha! She found a new appreciation for the storage it will offer with it's updated new look.

The next day, she came with a truck to pick up the finished pieces...and to my surprise...she had a load to drop off!

This armoir used to be the same look as the other pieces were...unfinished pine. (I forgot to take a before pic)

The potato bin before... After.
This is a close up of the small shelf she had in her kitchen. She hated the sunflower

SUNFLOWERS....BE GONE! (sorry Gloria.)

Now this is the first few of several pieces...she likes this look, and wants it all the same...but I have some plans for some of the other pieces...just to give it a little variety. If I can convince her to let me be will co-ordinate.