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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Here I Go Again...With the Paint.

Helloooooo! Did ya think I would EVER finish my projects and share them with you? Well, let me tell ya, I had begun to wonder myself!
I have been a very busy girl...what with getting my ideas all sorted out...and getting them to become more than just thoughts in my head... ya...well it was a long process...ha ha. (not to mention the rest of life that seems to take up play time!)
Today I am joining in on the parties above and hope that you will head over there and visit once you have seen my offering. Just click the logos above to visit our lovely hostesses!
Without further chit chat...
Why don't I just show you what I have been doing to keep myself so busy:
This is the before of another experimental project. There are actually two of these babies...but today I will share only the after part of one.
Not the worst pattern or color...but I saw bigger and better things in the future for this slightly dated little loveseat.
I went ahead and started to paint the fabric...Yes...I painted another piece! I had an idea of a sofa that I had seen online a long time ago and I wanted to try to do a simple version of it. So I headed out and picked up some deep red paint....started painting and then I was seeing RED!!! The guy didn't make me a deep rich red...he made fire engine red!!!(not once but TWICE!)
So....I got busy and started to doctor up my paint. (after was after 11pm when I decided the color was once again WAY wrong) I added a little black, and a lot of blue...and painted my little heart out...Several coats later, it still needed a little something...
So...the next morning I hopped into my truck and headed to the local hardware store...picked myself up a bag of twisted nylon rope. (hey...I needed lots and it is MUCH cheaper than the version in the fabric stores....besides...I was just going to paint it!)
I hot glued...and hot glued...and hot glued some more...This piece needed some interest...and I needed to hide the evidence that I had ripped off the skirt!
Here's a close up of what the rope looks like before I painted it.
Rope glued on...
I added some interest to the sides and back too...
Oops!!! you can see the other one (the second loveseat) in the back ground!!! Cat's out now!!! hee hee...
After that was all done....I painted it a few coats of my Custom made by me paint...and this is what I ended up with!
I then had to wait for the "muscle" to show up and help me move my ugly living room furniture to greener pastures...(so to speak) and then move this baby in.
Here is a shot of my living room today.
The piano and the cabinet are still there...for now. lol (please excuse the dust and "assistant" was working very hard to help prep for this post- hey...she's only 5!)
I added the old trunk that I got years ago from my Dad. He had pulled it out of the attic of the old house that was on the site where they live now...I added some ball feet...oh...and in case you noticed...I did paint the chair match. If you want to see what the chair transformed here
My living room is still a bit of a work in progress...but it is coming along nicely. It will do the trick for may not be perfect...and it really didn't cost me anything but a can of paint or two...but...I really needed that change.
I can't wait to see it all finished.
A fresh beginning, a fresh start, a fresh new look to a room that once held nothing but ugly memories for me. I am a happy camper!
Oh yea.......for a view of my inspiration on the painting of the fabric..please head over to My Everyday Passions...and see the painted sofa set that pushed my bravery button....and I am so glad I did!
Thanks Jeanne for sharing your painted furniture!!!
I am working on a couple of other transformations, so stay tuned!
Oh...I'd like to give a quick "wink" to my two "biggest fans" know who you are...I can see you! {;-)
happy lurking!