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Friday, March 19, 2010

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers March 19/10


Fertilizer Friday is the day when gardeners from all over the world join in and share the blooms of their labors! After an incredibly busy and stressful week, it is nice to know I can relax and take a peek at some of the loveliest blogs-and the gardens they showcase....
If you are new to this party...WELCOME!!! If you are a regular...WELCOME BACK! Anyone can post plants of any are all welcome...the more the merrier!
Now...if you are not familiar with the winter rules will be...since I have ZERO to gardens are bare...I (and other gardeners in similar climates) are sharing our favorite photos from months, gardens, years gone by, or the current indoor gardens and houseplants that they have. Those who have real live beauty to share are doing just that!
I would like to add, that if you are not a may still join in. The name Fertilizer Friday actually was coined to remind those of us who like to feed our greens, but forget! Fertilizing is not a must...but the flaunting...IS!
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This week I have been working my dirty little fingers to the bone while my lovely assistant is at school!!! I have had 8 full hours in the greenhouse and I thought I would have finished by now…but sadly (haha) I have a few more hours to go. It is neat to go in there each afternoon and see the changes.


My Geraniums are getting their leaf colors.


The Rudbeckia is all fuzzy and green.005

The Loofa are taking over the joint…007

Dianthus is getting bigger by the day.008

The petunias are getting more petunia-ish…is that a word? haha009

Dahlias are getting tall!!!010

I planted the Marigolds on Monday…and here is a sign of success! Can you see the little plant?012

I am such a bad mom…I am standing on the table taking photos…my assistant just threatened to spank my bum!


Things are sprouting…and the place is filling up!015

As of the end of next week I vow to myself to be done the seeding part of the greenhouse process!!! After that…transplanting and thinning out…yep…that’s the plan!

Please Publish the Fertilizer Friday Logo at the top of this post, and link into the mister linky list below.

Thank you to everyone for linking in and leaving such sweet comments...please do take a minute if you can and visit all the other wonderful gardens in the linky below...have a fantastic weekend friends! See ya Monday for sure!