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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grabbing Inspiration, and making it My Own.

I’mmm Ba-ak!!! hee hee…and I have more to share! Proof of why I have not been around bugging you all….Remember the settee that I posted last week?

Well she came with friends!


Yep…these two teensy ladies were in the deal. Two very petite chairs. I think Gloria said they were game chairs, and they should have had a small table between them for a chess board or something. Well, sad for me that there is no table…(I’ll fix that one day too…) but lucky for me that there is not one…but TWO chairs for me to play with. I know, I know…enough chit chat…lets get to the nitty gritty…What on earth does a Tootsie do with two such chairs?028

Well, first she digs out the inspiration photo of the most fantastic chair she has ever seen…and has wanted to try since seeing it…These chairs will be perfect for practice.


Next, she whips out the black paint…gives them both two coats…and rubs a little off here and there for charm.


Loving the details when painted black...


It sort of hides the damage that someone did a shabby repair job on…but not to worry….I have a plan!

I whipped out a chocolate brown twin bed flat sheet….my staple gun and got busy…(no not the lovely assistant ‘Busy’-she was in bed-ha-ha) the working kind of busy!

Cutting, stapling and pleating the bed sheet into a pretty new dress for the chairs.


A couple of hours later…this is what I had!

Now when you do this treatment, you will end up with a LOT of staples…so how on earth did I hide them all? You guessed it!!! I used twisted nylon rope from the hardware store again…only this time I did not paint it…I tea stained it!


Yes I did!!! I tea stained and glued on my trusty nylon rope…did a nice big border all the way around.


Now keep in mind, that I have zero photography skills and some of the following photos are proof of that…


A view from the back…(in the wrong setting)


A view from the front (looks a little more like it should –the rope is not really that bright…but this is the best I could get from my camera tonight. Where did I put them?


For the time being, they are sitting in the living room/dining room area. I faced one into the dining area, and one into the living room…with a pedestal between them.


I put this bust on the pedestal. She goes well with the smaller bust on the trunk/coffee table in the living room.


Another view of the living room.


And another look at the chairs…


And yet another…can you tell I like them? ha-ha

So? what do you think? I love the pleated look….and I didn’t want to steal the entire inspiration…so I put a little Tootsie Twist on it! You like?

Guys, I have been completely overwhelmed as of late. I do a lot of projects late late at night when sleep won’t come. I am trying to get around to visit you all and see what you are sharing. I will eventually…but wanted to thank you for standing by me during a difficult time in my life, and for being so kind in your comments. You can’t ever know how grateful I am for the fellowship. When the up close and in person friends are all gone to their own homes, you guys are always here hanging out with me!

On that sappy sorry slobbery note…I will say thanks for stopping in…stay tuned for the next installment of Tootsie’s late night decorating! (or Fertilizer Friday---which ever comes first! Ha!)