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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Don’t Do Windows! Or Do I?…

So I had an encounter with the King of Junk . Yes…Yes I did! It was a very prosperous day here for this Toots. I was one lucky girl this time…A full load arrived. Yes…DELIVERED right to my door!!! Now there is nothing better than having Junk Delivered!!! I had to contain myself as I was so very excited...I just wanted to dig right in! But alas...I held my composure, and used my manners...until I was alone...then it was ON!

AHHHHHH...sometimes it's good to be of direct decent to the King of Junk and Silliness (and his teeny Queen) ...VERY GOOD INDEED.

Wanna see??? I know you do!


Today I am sharing just a teeny bit of what I got. See that BIG window? It is out of an old school house. It has 18 window panes that are approximately 10x13 inches in size! 113

I am in LOVE with old windows.


CHECK out the patina on the wood!!! I love the character…

What’s that? Pardon me?

You want to know what I have hanging from the pane?


It is a resin scroll of the Lord’s Prayer. I love that piece.


I know what you are thinking….”ya cudda washed the windows Toots”

Aren’t ya?




I love the 'dirt' on them! I did hose them down…outside with a sharp blast of water…I also used a scraper to remove some of the ‘ick’ (okay lets just be honest here…Pigeon Poop) from them. But, for the most part, I like them a bit dirty. (funny thing for a clean freak to say isn't it? lol)

I do plan to hang some greenery from the windows too...I think it needs a little something...will update when I get just the right idea!


Did I mention that there are THREE of these beauties???? Yes there are! I love them. I hung the one behind the piano and one of the ones in the front entryway. The third is propped against the wall on an angle.


I had to laugh (okay maybe not laugh but I did say a word that made my kids giggle) at the mess I made of my house just trying to decide where to display my windows. What a disaster area this place became. Every little thing about the front entry changed…I added a lamp…light colored accessories…lol…all for a dirty window. haha!

I love the old storm windows. I think they tell a story as they stand. The weather they have endured…the sights they have shared with those who peer through them…

I have several smaller versions of these old storm windows outside that used to be built into my old greenhouse. I may need to make use of them too…!

Isn't a total home make over fun? I have been having a blast re-doing my entire home...just the way I like it. Thrifted, hand made, and unique!

Thanks for tuning in today!!! I have loads of photos to share with you guys. I have been working my little Tootsie fingers to the bone…making new things from old…improving on my own ideas, writing, painting, upholstering, planning and playing in the dirt! I will be a busy girl, posting and sharing this week!

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