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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Postponed....'Cuz It's Just Not My Day!

Okay...Bilbo is supposed to be packing his bags and gettin the heck out of Dodge here tomorrow...but sadly, I need to post pone.
The days events included me having some fainting issues.... yep...I fainted a couple of times the last 2 days...just out of the blue...turns out I'm okay...just tired. Nothing hurt but my pride...
then there's the ...two kids with colds and ear infections and one kid (who should have had a doctor visit a week ago when it started) who has a raging chest infection and is sucking on two inhalers and taking high dose antibiotics...(It wasn't me who refused to take him to the the way...he wasn't even home with me or the doc would have seen him that first day!)
then....oh yes there's more...there is one kid...who decided to stunt ride her face into the iron fountain at the end of the sidewalk while riding a skateboard...lucky for us she did not need another set of stitches....ugh...but there was DRAMA let me tell you!!!! spite of it all....I would not be anywhere else...I love my little gang of sickies, victims and busybodies...and no matter where we are where I want to be.
Bilbo isn't ready to go yet...the assistants are not really up for the draw, and I...well lets just say I am thinking that I got a visit from the Bitchy attitude after today stinks, (just sayin') and I think Bilbo has some time left on the sentence he was given yesterday, after his arrest...(will explain that tomorrow)
The announcement and final Bilbo Post will hopefully be ready to go Tomorrow, as it HAS to be a better day! Are your fingers crossed?
mine too...cause...I'm pretty sure there will be a tantrum comin' on if its not! haha
now if you will excuse me....I have some rest to finish up so I can get back to being ME!