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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Day in the Country

On Sunday I made a flying trip back to my old stomping grounds with two quads in the box of my truck…Yes…TWO in my teensy little truck…I was very proud of myself…

On Monday morning…bright and early…the kids and I hauled ourselves out of bed and headed the 225 km back to the farm to ride said quads.


Here’s Georgie…all ready to go quaddin…she was so afraid when we’d go last year after a spill she had…but she said that the scary part was not here this time so she felt like trying…


Busy brought her battery operated quad…but it wouldn’t hold a charge…so she was a little sad…especially since she wore her helmet all the 225km drive!!!


Before all the quadding began…we said goodbye to an old friend.  20 years ago my Dad purchased this little tiny car.  It is called a Metropolitan.  It is so little that it fits inside the box of a truck..ha-ha…it’s the type Donald Duck drives…Isn’t it cute?


My Dad fired her up…and took the kids for one last ride before the man who bought it from him would arrive to pick it up.  This is a one time deal for the kids I’m sure…there aren’t many of these cars left around.


They look so silly driving with their helmets on in the tiny little car…ha-ha


Goodbye little Met…I wish I was driving you!!!!  Gloria?  did you see?  Keep an eye open for this car when you and Len go to the car shows…that’s where they are supposed to be taking it!!!



We had a serious boy worried he would not be able to ride…he kept flooding his quad…


And Grammie….well…she was looking lovely today…ha-ha

Don’t run away from home Grammie!  I won’t leave the kids here!!!  I swear!!!  ha-ha

She just finished a little mowing when we showed up…

What was she mowing?  Oh I am so glad you asked…


The following photos are around the yard out at the acreage/farm site I grew up on.  They don’t live out here full time anymore, (at least not till they retire) so they don’t have a lot of the primping done and there are no annuals planted here…but the perennials and natural landscape are very pretty..



They built a fort out of old cinder blocks…My gang hauled dead trees and branches all day to build themselves a roof over it…(and I forgot to take a photo of it)


The funny part is that they missed the one Grampie left them as bait!  ha-ha.  This dead branch is still sitting there…It was almost right outside their door!!!


I am painting up some furniture to put on the gazebo out there…between the wind chimes and the birds….it is just such a nice sound…the birds are soooo loud out there,  just singing and singing.




Oh!  Here comes the “Duch”  (pronounced it sounds like pooch)

He dumped his quad to ride the lawn mower…it has a stick shift!  ha-ha…he is hauling a branch for the roof!  It was very serious business!




It’s just so peaceful out there…even with the quads humming in the background!  There is not one siren or horn honking.  Just birds and sunshine.

The photos today are just in the immediate front yard…this place is huge…and beautiful!



Yeppers!!!  That’s my Dad!!!  WHAT is he doing?  Why is it that when we see him grinning like that we worry?


There’s a commotion over here.   WHERE is “Duchy”?  What’s that?  Is that a lecture I hear?


It sure is…”Where are your helmets?  you get them on or Grammie won’t let you ride that quad in her yard!!!”  “Get going and find them Now!!!”


Oh Boy…I think I know why Grampie was grinning like that!  He’s got the dirt bike out! 

It too is a relic…about 30 years old…but it still runs…I just hope…


Too late…!  “Duchy” found Grampie…and the fun was on!  (for them anyways)

The gang decided to leave the quads at the farm…they can’t ride them around home…not like they did here…since they are the kid’s quads…the kids have the say.  I can see a lot of visits this summer!!!

But…it is a 2 1/2 hour trip home…on a holiday Monday (which could mean big time traffic) so we best load up the truck and head home…


And away we went…like the Beverly Hillbillies… The inside of the box of my truck is loaded to the gills with plants, so I won’t share that till later…but those desks on top?  yes…they are treasures I junked from Grampie’s garage (the superstore)…I can’t wait to get them home…I already have one there that he gave me a few months ago…but hey…a girl might need to start her own classroom right???  ha-ha

And that is the day in the Country we had yesterday.  I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Thanks for having us Grammie and Grampie!!!

See you all for Fertilizer Friday!!!

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