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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Does Anyone Know What Today Is?

When I got up this morning and turned on my computer...I was shocked and so very touched at all of the wonderful emails that were in my inbox, and all over my facebook page.

Today is special for a couple of reasons....the first is that it is my birthday today. I am now one year away from the big 40. I am celebrating my 39th year of life.

Yes...Tootsie Time is 2! I have had such a wonderful time with this whole blog adventure...and for two years I have been typing away every chance I get to visit and to post.
Two years ago today, I started my blog as a birthday gift to myself. I began slowly writing and was so thrilled when I had a whole 20 have 381 followers and have had almost 150 000 visits! I had no idea when I began that this was going to be so rewarding.

In celebration of the second BIRTHDAY of Tootise Time, I am planning a giveaway of some sort. I will post on that on Fertilizer Friday. for today...
I will do whatever I want.
If you want to see me, I will be at home.
I will be pulling the plants out of the greenhouse, tilling my beds up and getting ready for the big plant!
Today I will be as dirty and filthy as I want to be and will love every little minute of it! (sorry mom...can't do the lady thing today)
I will be kind of busy the next couple of days...getting ready to I will see you all here...for Fertilizer Friday!!!
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes and for making Tootsie Time such a great experience for me!