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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chickweed and Changes…

…in Tootsie’s Garden and Greenhouse.


So I finished the weeding…filled all of these in total with chickweed…man I hate that stuff. What’s that? You don’t believe it was THAT BAD???

Well…let me prove it to ya!


YA! That's BAD…If you can believe it…there is a lobelia border in this bed. Unfortunately…027

Now there is only 1/2 a border in this bed. I could not salvage the last part…the chickweed was way to thick…damn it! While I weeded...I had 'help'. One helper was scooping the pulled weeds into a bucket, one helper was dumping said bucket into a garbage can when it was full, and yet a third helper was giving me the most painful ponytail hairdo I have ever had! (ya it was 'fun' all the way around. Ha-ha


Think anyone will notice that part of the border is missing??? I might have to rob the lobelia from in front of the gigantic hosta (that only gets bigger) to fill in some of the blank area…just not today. I am sick of this bed for now…(and my scalp hurts) ha-ha!


This one across from it was just about as bad…but with other stupid weeds…Have I mentioned that I HATE weeding???


At least it is done now…all 17 beds!


My Peony is looking so very pretty today….the blooms don’t last so I took a couple of pics this evening…



It has a little hint of red on the tips of the petals…so dainty.


Thank Goodness I took those photos…cuz it started to hail…and rain and hail some more…then downpour…and rain…thunder and lightening…and rain…it did some damage!

What else did I do the last few days?


played it safe and painted the greenhouse door white…the blinds are white…the other door is white…so I did it white…for now…and yes…I did get paint on the screen…and yes…I did have a tantrum because of it…ha-ha

Go ahead…open the door…050

Ta-DA!!! I made a sitting area! The pool in the greenhouse was more of a nuisance than a blessing for me…so I put it outside in the back area…(sob sob..sniff sniff-from my kids) and reclaimed my space! It really isn’t anything fancy…but it is nice to hang out in here sometimes…especially when it is loaded up with tropical plants.

I had grown tired of bringing in the pads of the wicker bench…and it seemed a little crowded on the patio with it there…so I brought it inside!


borrowed a couple of chairs from the patio set…and made me some tables out of the greenhouse shelving.


Added a few plants from the house, (still need to bring out more…hee hee)


and dug out some garden accessories.

I quite like it. The kids and I have enjoyed this space three nights in a row…we hang out, chat and read or trade ideas…they give me some really good ideas for the yard sometimes…you will see one of them today…and another one possibly on Friday (if I get a chance to do it)

Wanna see today’s kid input?


I got to thinking that there were too many bikes in the back yard…so I needed to re-position the newest that I had in the back by the trampoline…no worries…it is not “The Bike” that is in the bed that everyone seems to love so much… Never will that one move…unless I do.


My gang thought I should put it in the bed in the front yard and dig it into the soil under the tree…so that it will be harder to steal than in if I just displayed it on the cement or patio.


I think I like it…haven’t yet made up my mind. The ‘gang’ does…but they should…it was their idea!057

…it doesn’t look that great in these does look better in real light…the storm just passed…so things are not looking all that great.


Things are a little weary..beaten up..and WET055

Thank Goodness I build my edges the way I do…EVERY one of them is filled with water from that huge series of storms. This is the hedge bed I built earlier this spring…the trenches are all full of run off water.

And last but not least…


I am happy to say…my garden room is lit! I hung some cheezy mini LED lights to the fence…they are just enough light to add to the garden’s atmosphere in the evening hours when it gets a little dark outside.

I suppose you could say that they got “wet tested” today…hee hee…forgot to unplug them when the hail hit…I had other things on my mind at that moment-such as the fact that I was getting hit in the head by walnut size hail…and my pots needed to be moved to a sheltered location…and fast!

That’s all I have to share for today…I will be back for Fertilizer Friday with Bells on…and hopefully a new view of things for you…and a sneak peek at a very original planter I am making!

Until then…Hugs and giggles to you all! (winks and smiles to my three biggest fans- {*~) you know who you are! ( you should comment some time…)

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


Mary | Deep South Dish said...

Nice tour! I really enjoyed this, thanks!

Lynn said...

Everything looks great, love the white door, it will make all the flower colors pop!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Everything looks so fresh!!! Great job Toots...I love those lights, of course I love outside lights especially the white one in trees and shrubs...
So much of our flowers etc. have nearly burned up with our recent heat wave and the Japanese beetles have their little bellies full of my cherry trees :-( We are having some lower temps for a few days so I'll have to play a little catch up...
Have a wonderful day in the gardens!!!

Darla said...


Larry said...

It's amazing what allowing even a single weed (or certain garden plants) to go to seed can do. My wife is presently on a crusade against Grandpa Ott morning glories which are on a quest to overrun our gardening world! There are areas where she has been pulling seedlings five years after the original plants were removed! As a young gardener, I often let the gardens go as i approached returning to teaching after the summer... I soon learned that this was NOT wise... one must be constantly vigilant... especially out here in farm country, lest we be overrun with weeds! Your gardens look great! See ya FF!! Larry

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Sounds like a nasty storm! Hey, I like what you did in your greenhouse - making a place to sit and relax (and smell the flowers!). I don't mind weeding so much - it's when I accidentally yank something that I shouldn't have that gets me... Have a happy Canada Day Tootsie - see ya in July (already, eh?)

Helen said...

It's funny that a "pest" in certain climates is a wonderful contribution in another climate. I live in the Mojave Desert in California and I don't have Chick Weed, but I do have Bermuda Grass. It's terrible stuff - you cannot kill it. It's roots can go down 6 feet and it sends out runners also. LC commented above that the Grandpa Ott morning glories were overrunning their yard. Oh, how I would love to have that problem! See what I mean? Depends on where you live. If I stopped watering my yard for a week (we're now 120 degrees in the daytime) my yard would revert back to desert.

Andrea said...

I am always blessed to come by here.

Justine said...

Ooh ooh ooh, I love the lights! Why hadn't you thought of that sooner??? It makes the garden room look romantic!

I think it was a great idea to make a little sitting area in the greenhouse since you spend so much time in there anyway. May as well be comfy while you're brainstorming!

Justine :o )

The JR said...

Its official, you never sleep. No way you could and get as much done.

Everything looks fantastic. I'm so jealous of your beautiful flower beds.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your garden and green house! Hate weeds, grrr...hate weeding, double GRRR!
The lights are magical!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That was a lot of chick weed!
The greenhouse sitting area is very nice. Looks inviting.

Stacey said...

On first glance it was ground cover. :) I've tried to tell myself that before.

The perfectionist in me is always SO jealous when I see your yard. Gorgeous!

Maureen said...

Just one question. Do EVER stop?

Bonnie said...

Hope you have some better weather. Everything looks amazing. I just love your beds!

Nutty Gnome said...

Flippin' heck, but you've been busy Toots! :)
I could do with just a bit of your rain please - it's 85* and very muggy here (and has been for days!). I just hope my flower beds look as good as yours do after the rain that is bound to come! :)

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Great idea for the greenhouse in the warmer months! I would love a place to escape like that! BTW.... I hate chickweed too! lots of here.. grrr....

Alberta said...

Your garden weeds and all never cease to inspire me to go out and pick a few while admiring what I have planted.

Wishing you a very Happy Canada Day!

tori said...

everything looks beautiful! looks like so much work but how worth it. I love your garden room with the rocks and lights. so jealous!

Salmagundi said...

Oh my! I always need a nap after reading your posts. You are such a ball of energy - how do you do it all? Your efforts sure produce wonderful results. Sally

BPOTW said...

Those are some wonderful gardens you have!

siteseer said...

THat's some serious weeding!! Everything looks so fresh and clean. I've got my Fertilize Friday scheduled to post but probably won't be near a wifi to actually link in. Have a great weekend.

Lona said...

Hi Tootsie. Oh girl your peony was so pretty. Old nasty hail. The lights look pretty in your garden room and so does your new room in the greenhouse.Good place to hideout. LOL!