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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad.


Today is Father’s Day. Today I am writing about my Dad. I wrote about him last year…to see that post…click here. It’s uncanny how much like him I really am. (oyi) That post almost makes me cry. {8~)

When I was a little girl, my Dad was my favorite person in the whole wide world. He would come home for lunch and sit on my swing set with me. My Mom says it was so cute to see. My Dad has always been my hero.

When I would have a friend come to my house for a sleep-over, my Dad was always up to something. We lived on the farm, and my Dad would wait patiently for us to go for a walk outside. He’d watch us leave…sneak behind us, try to figure out which way we were going, then….he would take a little short cut, and hide. When we would walk past he would make a noise…or jump out to scare the crap out of us. (my friends loved him too…ha-ha)

If you take a good look at the photo above…look at those eyes. My Dad’s eyes are the window to his soul. You always know how he is, by looking at his eyes.

His eyes have laugh lines. He loves to laugh and to make other’s laugh too. Those eyes also show years of life, love and hard work. I love my Dad’s eyes, and I am lucky enough to have inherited his “big blues”.

I wish that my children were blessed enough to have a Dad like mine. He has an awesome sense of humor. He is not abusive…he is loving and kind. He is generous and cares about other people. He is not a drinker…and has never displayed himself as anything but someone who his children could admire and strive to be like. He is a hard worker, a creative soul and a man of his word. My Dad would walk to the end of the earth to help any member of his family, and would never do anything to hurt or shame the ones he loves. As a child, I always knew that my sister, mom and I came first, and that our family, and our happiness were a priority. My Dad is faithful and honest and loyal. Oh how I wish my children could have the benefit of a Dad like mine.

It was only a few weeks ago that we almost lost my Dad. I am thankful beyond words that he is still with us. He is healing well and has his old spunk back. I am so thankful that my kids will have many more years to make memories with my Dad. He is a fun Grampie. My son LOVES him…tries to be like him. Can’t wait to see him, and hang out with him…study him and try to be just like him.

“Busy”…she just loves when her Grampie smiles at her…she says it makes her feel special.

“Georgie” …she loves it when Grampie teases her. She thinks he is very funny.

I know he has his sense of humor is back, because yesterday I received and email from him. It read: “do you know this flower. it looks like quak-grass but it has a beautiful yellow flower with sky blue pistals in the center and it smells like a lilac but when you pull it up the roots smell like poop.”

SO? What does a plant loving Tootsie do??? She stays up late…looks through all of her plant encyclopedias…books, and even goes online to try to identify this mysterious plant. All the while, thinking to herself…”what the heck is he doing smelling the roots of a weed!”

I searched high and low…to no avail. There is no such plant. There are plants that have very smelly roots… plants that resemble quak- grass and even plants that are pretty yellow with blue accents…BUT there is no plant that has all three characteristics in my books! Defeated…I replied to him that I didn’t know…could he send me a photo…

What I didn’t know…is that there is no such plant to begin with! The next morning I phoned home to talk to them about this plant. My Mom was laughing her head off when I told her how long I searched…she said he was giggling the whole time he was writing that email to me…all full of mischief…and being all sneaky.

I bet he waited all day for my reply…(I was out in the yard weeding and didn’t get the email until evening) I could have strangled him when the truth came out this morning. ha-ha!

I get to spend the day with my parents . Unfortunately my kids do not, as they are with their Father this weekend…but they did take a few minutes before they left to sign a card for Grampie…and wanted me to tell him how much they love him.


if I was you…Dearest Daddy…I’d be on guard…”Leenie” has a score to settle with you…and I will get even for the plant prank!!!


I wish you all a happy Father’s Day. I hope you make beautiful new memories or remember the best ones with or of your Dad’s. I have a big reveal of what I did on Saturday in my gardens…I am super sore…and very excited to share it with you. See you then!

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Dirt Princess said...

How wonderful!!! I am so glad you shared this. YOu have always talked about your Dad, so it was nice to put a face to the name. Have a wonderful day

susan said...

Tootsie-You are indeed blessed. My father too had a "wicked" sense of humor--I miss it. Treasure every minute of today!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

You have been blessed like me with a great Dad. Happy for you and like you, I wish that my kids would have had the kind of Dad that I have, but then again, they had the greatest Grandpa they could have ever asked for. A blessing. Please pop over and read my tribute to my Dad, when you have time.

Unknown said...

Tootsie a wonderful tribute to your Dad. He sounds like the most wonderful man. I remember last years and we talked about how much we were both like our Dads. I re ran mine for Sunday Favorites today.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Great post my Dear girl about a GREAT dad...Happy Father's day to Tootsie's dad for raising a mirror image of yourself ha ha!! Love ya girl or should I call you "Old blue eyes" Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Lori E said...

How lucky you are to have him in your life.
BTW I figured the email was a prank right away. C'mon girl, you know the man's history and you didn't see it? Look out next time you are out walking because he will probably jump out at you again.

Nancy's Notes said...

Tootsie, what a wonderful post about your awesome dad! He sounds like a real character and one that loves you so! What a blessing to have such a great dad, I was blessed to have a special and great dad too. I miss him terribly, he's been gone a year now. Thanks for sharing your dad with us today, I love reading stories about great fathers and your dad is great and sounds so incredible! I am happy he is doing so well and that his sense of humor is back!!


CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

You are a lucky girl and your kids are lucky to have him for a Grandpa too!(-:
Can't wait to see what you did (-:
Enjoy your day!!!!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great story about your Dad. I lost mine when I was very young, but I do remember him as a prankster and a hard worker.


Mandy said...

What a great post! Your daddy sounds quite special!! Love the prank...that's too funny!

Have a great week!

Mandy said...

What a great post! Your daddy sounds quite special!! Love the prank...that's too funny!

Have a great week!

Moore Minutes said...

Oh I just adored reading these words about your Dad. I can feel your love and admiration of him! What a blessing to have such a good father in your life. <3

I hope you've been well, I've missed connecting with you! :)

The JR said...

You have a great dad.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

That was a wonderful tribute to your dad. I'm glad he's getting better. I'm still laughing about the mystery plant.