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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Quick Update on My Dad

On Thursday evening my Mom took my Dad to the hospital. He was in extreme pain and could barely move. Living in a small rural community, the hospital does not have appropriate accomodations for such things as sonograms etc, so they had to move him to a nearby city for these tests. The doctors kept him overnight.
Friday morning came and he was transported to the city via ambulance with my Mom following behind in the car (worrying her head off). The arrival was smooth and he went for the tests that had been ordered. To our surprise the prognosis was that his appendix had burst and he would need emergency surgery.
He waited to go into the operating room...for what seemed like forever!!! They took him in believing that he had a ruptured Appendix. The doctor opened him up...and were surprised to realize that the sonogram had deceived them!
He ended up having part of his bowel removed as it was dead and had caused a massive infection.
They removed the affected portion of his bowel, and sent him to recovery where he decided to give them a few complications. He has bad sleep apnea, and was not breathing well...kept stopping. Because of the issues breathing, they could not give him any pain he was in extreme pain, and is still in the ICU ward at the moment.
They are anticipating at least a 4-5 day stay...barring anymore complications.
Thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers. My Mom and Dad are touched by your caring and we all want you to know that they are appreciated more than you can know.
I am on my way to see him, and will update when I can
Thank you!