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Monday, February 14, 2011

And The Winner Is….

Today is Valentines Day. I can’t think of a better day to announce the winner of my followers celebration giveaway!

Today is also my youngest kid’s birthday! You all know her as my lovely assistant “BUSY”…and she is now 6 years old! sniff sniff…makes me sad that my baby is getting so grown up!


We are so proud of her for being such a big girl…but no one is more proud than her mom! It was nice to have all her little friends over, and Grammie and Grampie drove here for the party. It was a nice little party.

Busy was so very happy to be turning 6. When I asked her why she was so impatient to be 6, she just looked at me like I was being ridiculous…and said “cuz then I don’t have to say five anymore!!! “ I almost laughed out loud.

I am such a lucky girl to have such great kids.


Now…back to this giveaway…

I have been hard at work printing off all the names of the followers list, cutting them out and then going back through all the posts from this week and putting names in as they were entered.

I am POOPED! You guys are busy little followers and I love it!

Now…I decided that I didn’t want to just give one person a prize, so…I am sending out not one box, but TWO!

I am pleased with the winners that the kids drew from the huge pot of names. The draw was done right after Busy’s birthday party…and I have been dying to let the lucky ones know!



Two of the sweetest women I have had the pleasure of reading!

I am pleased to announce their names today………

So………without further adieu…

Eileen from Gatsby’s Gardens and Darla from More Family and Flowers….would you please send me your mailing addresses??? I have presents for you! (your packages will be sent out this week!)

I wish I could send everyone a gift for being such wonderful followers…instead I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tomorrow I will be sharing a very special post on something very unexpected, and I also hope you will also try to join me for Gardenchat on Twitter on Monday evening! See my sidebar for more details for the evening festivities! I always learn something when I join in!

Until Next Time….hugs and smiles and wishes for a very good week! Happy Gardening!

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