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Monday, February 14, 2011

Forced To Face My Fear

Yes, you read that right. This past weekend, I was forced to face a fear. This is a story with a happy ending…at least so far! ha-ha

We all have something in this world that intimidates us. Go on…admit it. I have. In fact I have openly admitted to you all several times this particular fear. It is an irrational fear…not based on anything except pure uneducated assumptions.

What am I afraid of?

Let me ask you how much you remember about me….

What is the ONLY plant in the whole list of tropicals that I have mentioned again and again that I find intimidating? I have said I think they are gorgeous…but very intimidating.

Yes…that’s right…ORCHIDS!

Stop laughing….right now! Here’s the story about the kick in the bum, that good old me got last weekend.

I was having kind of “one of those days” where nothing was going smoothly for me. If I wanted to pick it up…it dropped…if I wanted to clean it, I’d dirty it. I had been having one blonde moment after another…and was just so discouraged. I was simply not having a good day. I was about to give up and just go watch some t.v. when it happened.

The Doorbell rang.

Who the heck is coming to my door? I plunked my way across the floor to the front door and opened it carefully. I had seen the Fed Ex truck out front a few moments earlier, and remembered thinking that the people next door sure do get a lot of deliveries…BUT this time…the Fed Ex delivery was for me!

Upon opening the door…the woman dressed in a Fed Ex uniform looked at me and said “I am just making sure you are home…I have a HUGE box for you” and she walked away.

Now who on earth would send me something in a HUGE box? I had no idea what was happening…or how much I was going to grin when I saw it.

The box…it turns out… to my absolute delight was from ….none other than….COSTA FARMS! woooooo hooooo!

I signed for that big old box and slammed that door shut…grabbed the box and ran for the kitchen. I ripped open that puppy like a chocoholic rips into….. well you get the idea….

I see leaves!!!! Oh My! LEAVES!!! They sent me PLANTS!!!! Yippie…Yippie!!!! (happy dancing!!!!)

That is when I realized WHAT type of leaves I was looking at!


EEK!!!! They sent me 4 of the most beautiful Orchids I have ever seen! OYI! Now What! I am sure to kill them just by looking! Oh my! What am I going to do?


I’ll tell you what!…Tootsie is going to face her fear of the delicate Orchid and grow these babies like a pro!


I whipped out my gardening books…ignored all tweets and face book comments…didn’t move a muscle until I learned a few things about Orchids.



Turns out…they are not that hard! (or so they say) Costa Farms says they are EASY! They are not that delicate (ya right) AND they require very little attention! (I sure hope all of this is true!!!! lol)



The Orchid, it turns out, is a very diverse plant. To learn all that I have learned about these plants, visit the Costa Farms Orchids are Easy page and learn everything you will need to know!


Just click the Orchid logo below to go straight to that page!


I put my Orchid babies in the bathroom where they will stay until I find the exact perfect spot for them in my house. The light in there is bright but not harsh and there is plenty of humidity in there.

So….here I am …facing my fears…and loving these Orchids! Costa Farms sent me these wonderful plants, and I could not be happier! I wonder if they knew they were giving me a kick in the comfort zone and forcing me to branch out in my growing ambitions?



I am so thrilled that the wonderful people at Costa Farms not only have featured me this month over on their website as gardener of the month


but that they were so thoughtful as to send me some plants! I never in a million years dreamed that anything like this would happen to me! THANK YOU COSTA FARMS!!!!


Not only did you make my day, but you forced me to learn something new about these wonderful plants, and moved me from intimidation…into determination!


Do you have a plant that intimidates you?

What Orchid Tips can you offer to this gardener?

Are you ready for this week’s Fertilizer Friday yet?

To learn more about Orchids from Melissa of Costa Farms, please join us in the Garden Chat Monday evening! To get all the details about this event, please refer to my sidebar and click the garden chat logo to go to the official page. I look forward to seeing you there!

Until next time…hugs and smiles, and happy gardening!


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