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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers May 27/11


Friday is a BIG day for us here at Tootsie Time…(ok, just me…there is no one else here…lol) It’s a big deal because it means it’s PARTY TIME!!!!

Fertilizer Friday is the day of the week than an ELITE group of gardeners from all around the world get together , snap photos, link up and Flaunt Their Flowers!!!

If you are new to Tootsie Time and Fertilizer Friday, I just know you are asking yourself…”How do I join?” Well…it’s easy really. Here’s all you need to know to become a part of this great group of gardeners, bloggers and friends:

If it is spring or summer where you live, you need to snap a few photos of what you have growing, blooming or just love to look at that is of the plant variety…if it is winter where you live, you may post past favorite photos…or indoor plants…whatever you like. The only criteria is that it is a plant or something growing!

You do not need to use fertilizer to participate in this party, but if you do, this is the reminder to fertilize weekly!

All I ask is that: Your post must include the logo above and/or a link to Tootise Time, or the linky will be deleted. I don’t mean to be harsh, but there have been a lot of people linking in and when the participants graciously click over to their blogs, there is no sign of Fertilizer Friday anywhere to be found. This is not fair to those who do follow the rules, therefore…well you know!

So? what are you waiting for? Get outside, feed, water, snap and post!

This week I have some sad news, and a fashion show to flaunt for you!

I would like to dedicate my Friday Flaunt to a dear friend and garden blogger that many of you know and love, Raingardener. Her blog Gardening by Trial and Error inspired many of us and was always filled with wonderful photos and posts that warmed our hearts. I am sad to say that Linda passed away recently from Cancer and we will all miss her greatly. My heart goes out to those who knew and loved her, and to her family who is suffering the loss of such a sweet woman. Linda inspired many a garden project for me…when I think of her whimsical little projects a few such as this one come to mind immediately:


Between her BBQ and the one that Darla of More Family and Flowers planted, I can’t ever compete for beautiful, but I can say I am inspired! I will think of her each time I plant my BBQ.

blogbbq2 raingardener

This is just the most beautiful!

Linda may be gone, but she is not to be forgotten. I bet she’s looking down on all of our gardens right now and smiling.

Now…I have had something wonderful happen to me this week!

I was in the midst of another extremely crazy busy week. Keeping up with everything was getting to me, and I was getting stressed…and then…something happened that made it all seem worthwhile.

I was just finishing up planting my big flower bed in the back yard…


…when the Fed Ex lady arrived at my house with a package for me!

Who was it from?

It was from PROVEN WINNERS!!!!

Yep! Danielle, the wonderful lady in the public relations department of Proven winners, sent me some trial flowers!

They were a gift from them, for lil ol me!!!!

I was so excited!!!

I ripped into that box like it was candy- and I was a hungry sugar deprived child!

What kind of flowers?

It is my pleasure to announce a fashion show of sorts:


Tootsie Time is happy to host a show of the spring planting fashions that EVERY flower garden and /or container must have for this and every years growing season!

The plants in the photo above are strutting their stuff for you all tonight...and will be flaunted again and again this summer season here on Tootsie Time. They joined the family yesterday, and are fitting in nicely. The little guys are a bit travel lagged...Fed Ex did not treat them gently, and many had to be trimmed of broken branches and bruised leaves. They are in good hands and will be fabulous in a few days...

I am giving them a bit of time to recover from the trip and adjust to my area in the greenhouse...and then they will again be shared as part of container gardens!

So...without further delay:


First up..we have the coralberry punch superbells….


They may be little now…but just you wait…when they grow up…


They will be absolutely wonderful!

Our next two stars of tonight’s show are a bit “jet lagged”…but in just a few short weeks…012

These little pots will have grown…into these:





These beauties also brought with them some friends!

Take a look at these gorgeous colors:



I am waiting impatiently (tee hee) for these to mature into….



Wow…talk about knock your socks off!!!



Sweet Potato vine is one of my favorites for container gardens of all kinds!!! When they mature…


…These ladies promise to offer the foliage that will wow you every time! (and if you are lucky you can see some beautiful little flowers too)

…And now we have a pair of superbells that will complete your gardens and jazz up your containers EVERY time:


These two little pots are sporting the ultimate in superbells this season!021


Oh WOW!!!



Last but definitely NOT least we have two smartly filled pots of superbells!


I love the details in these blooms!!!

No garden is complete without a few spring fashions from Proven Winners…did you get yours yet?


Head to a garden center near you for the best in quality and selection… Proven Winners!!! You just can’t go wrong!

This ends my spring planting fashion show. I do hope you have enjoyed it! lol I am so excited to see these tiny plants grow into the beautiful mature specimines that I shared with you today!

My Flaunt has ended for this week…I thank you all for stopping by, linking in and for leaving a comment.

With wishes for a safe and happy weekend…hugs and smiles to you all.

Until next time…Happy Gardening!

*)*)*)…to my special three…I wouldn’t have you ANY other way…I enjoy the LAUGHS you all never fail to give me each week. *) Thanks for stopping in to read me so often!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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Larry said...

Hi Tootsie... I'm doing a number of Proven Winners this season as well, including Osteospermum Lemon Symphony and Supertunia Vista Bubblegum. The plants look great so far and I'm anxious to get them in the ground but we're expecting a freeze/frost tonight.... three weeks past our normal frost free date. Then it's on to the 80's over the weekend! Have a great week!! Larry

One said...

Sorry to hear about the demise of your friend, Linda. Happy to hear about the wonderful package you received. Life is like that, Joy and Sadness behave like a burger, one layer after another...

Xenia said...

What a fun fashion show! I'm sorry to hear about Linda, she sounds like a wonderful woman who will be greatly missed.

Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday, have a great weekend!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Thank You for hosting this evening....Julian

Shirley said...

Glenda, I am so glad you've dedicated this Flaunt Your Flowers to Linda. She was inspirational and a joy to blog with.

Proven Winners! Yay!!! Enjoy my dear!

Rainy Day Gardener said...

Glenda, thanks for making a nice tribute to Linda on your post this week. I loved her BBQ planter too. She will be greatly missed.
Enjoy your fun surprise flowers, it will be exciting to see how you arrange them with your creative flair! Cheers, Jenni

Autumn Belle said...

This is a touching tribute to Linda, the Rain Gardener. She will be dearly missed but fondly remembered. Let the RAIN represent her smiles upon all the garden bloggers whose lives she has touched.

nanniepannie said...

Thanks for hosting, I haven't been around much but glad to be back. Your flowers are looking big and healthy. I'm having some trouble with bugs...but that's life.

Darla said...

Looking forward to following the progress of these proven winners and to read your thoughts on their performance throughout the season.

LindyLouMac said...

A lovely tribute to a blogger that will be missed but not forgotten.

Val said...

What a great way to honor your friend Linda! Love seeing all your goodies. I have not been able to comment lately due to blogger problems but wanted to tell you that I LOVE your cabinet makeover!!! Thanks for hosing this FF and letting me be a part. Thanks to Darla for telling me about it a long time ago!

Zinnia said...

När en vän går bort blir det tomt. men du minns henne då lever hon vidare. Liksom i dina planteringar där du inspirerats av henne. Önskar dig en skön helg! Zinnia

La Petite Gallery said...

That's the best plants, proven winners,thanks for dropping over to see me. Yvonne

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Great fashion show. They all look awesome.
Those shared ideas like the planted BBQ are why gardeners are wonderful people.

Gail said...

Shelter kitten is helping me input this comment (recovering from a fish hook in his face). We agree - your garden is beeeyoooteefulll.
We wish you well with all those gorgeous PW plants. I'm looking forward to future posts of the corabells.

Dirt Princess said...

Lucky girl you!!!! That is quite the treat....lots of beautiful blooms

deb said...

Your post was a wonderful tribute to Linda. She will be missed.

You lucky little girl!! Receiving such a fun gift in the mail! I can't wait to see them grow too...and they will be gorgeous due to your green thumb!
Have a great weekend!

Lona said...

Ewww, I love them all Glenda! They have come to a wonderful garden to be tried out.I am going to be watching those Superbena's to see what you think of them.

Donna said...

How lucky to get to trial those wonderful flowers....your flowers are looking beautiful...I am planting containers today as well...thx again for the birthday wishes...I had a grand day in the garden!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Linda. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.

Love your fashion show - You have some great flowers there!

bee blessed

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I was recently at a Seminar put on by Proven Winners where they showed us all the new anuals. They are lovely plants. V

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I am trialing some roses for Proven Winners Choice this year and I will post on them to let everyone know how they are doing.


Carla said...

Flaunt overload!! Love superbells, and proven winners!! Did it feel like Christmas at your place?

Bren Haas said...

Great Friday share as always Glenda! Dealing with some flooding in my garden but so happy I found time to visit your flaunt. Will be awesome to see what you do with those proven winners! Happy gardening from Ohio!

Rosie Gan said...

Aren't you the luckiest gardener ever! You deserve it, Glenda, what with your track record of spring bounty!

KK said...

Hi Tootsie...I heard about Linda last week and was so sad. I was inspired by her blog Gardening By Trial and Error as a newbie gardener (3 yrs) it is about trial and error. She will be missed by many people...You are one lucky Toots with that surprise package. They know to send the plants to someone who knows what they're doing! You continue to amaze me and inspire me to work harder!

Unknown said...

Hello Tootsie. I have finally got a few flowers and while writing thought of you. So glad to get to visit. You are such an inspiration and I can sure use that. So sorry about your blogger friend. May she rest in peace. I am just chugging along like the little ole engine that could. I will be back next week.