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Monday, May 16, 2011

Junkin’ Jackpot!

Well HELLO there!!! Thanks for popping in! I am so excited to share my junkin’ finds from the weekend, that I decided to postpone sharing my projects!


This…is my first find of the 2011 junkin’ season…it is also a birthday gift from a good friend/junkin’ partner. I wanted it sooooo bad! I was so excited!!!


Look at the details!!! The lady hosting the garage sale said it used to belong to her great grandmother. HAHAHAHA!!! NOT ANYMORE!!! IT BELONGS TO TOOTSIE!!!


I am loving the etched glass in the doors.


I had this old weather worn chair sitting around…and I think it is perfect!!!


Yep!!! I squeezed it into the house…I think it looks wonderful here between the kitchen and living room! I’m thinking it will be a great place to blog!!!


I have a plan to fix up the old chair to make it more like the desk, and add a cushion…lol…. but for the moment, I think it looks just right!


We were still out and about junkin’. Driving around looking for treasure, and happened to take a “wrong turn” that ended up being very very right!

As we turned down an alley in an attempt to change directions, we spotted this! I almost peed my pants!


Yeppers!!! It was sitting there in that back alley in and amongst a huge pile of GARBAGE!!! I am SERIOUS!!!


It has a little damage…not sure how long it was out there…but I don’t care!!! It was free!! It is perfect for me….I squealed like a sissy girl!!! (my junkin’ partner thought it was funny…and the kids just rolled their eyes!)

We loaded it into the box of my truck…(along with a couple other fantastic treasures to be shared soon enough…lol) and went home to unload it!

I of course could not wait to bring it inside the house…so my junkin’ partner helped me. (did he really have a choice??? NO! Hey….I am cute…but I can be bossy – the kids say mean…haha)


Even Ginger was excited about the new dressing table! (she’s giving you the DUH! look…for thinking I was patient!!! hahahaha) She would like to take the opportunity to introduce her Mom’s friend…the terminal bachelor that we like to call Scruff. (it’s not his name…but I need to make sure he doesn’t mind having his name on here! hahaha) He loves to junk and hang out with me and the gang. We have found some pretty great stuff, (had tonnes of fun and made some hilarious memories) while just driving here and there! (these things are soon to be shared…stay tuned)


Ginger helped put the piece together…looks like she’s giving the boy directions doesn’t it?


She says “ here…let me hold it steady for ya!” Then she tried to take his hat off! hahaha


Yay!!! It’s almost time to put the drawers in and the mirror on!!! Hurry up!!! I am waiting!!!


Are you screaming yet??? I was…squealing like a sissy girl!!! I LOVE it!

This thing is HUGE! It is over 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide by 18 inches deep! It is a full length mirror for me!

It didn’t fit into the bedroom….yet…so for now it is in the sunroom!!! I am looking at it here and there…trying to get inspired as to what I want to do to it’s finish…but until then…


I think it looks fine loaded with treasures and plants… looking pretty right there!


I can’t believe someone would throw a 1930’s dressing table out in the garbage! There isn’t even a crack or chip in the mirror, and it is even still on it’s original castors…and they all still turn!


There was a little gold charm chain stuck inside one of the drawers…lol


I like LOVE the things I find when I go junkin’! They seem more precious because of the memory of the find…and the adventure of the hunt!


I have always wanted an old dressing table…and now I have one…for free!

The kids and my junkin’ partner love to go junkin’ and I always have fun when we do. You just never know what you will find!

Now...if you will excuse me...I have a huge mess to clean up from finding a spot for this baby in my house! It got late, and I was too tired to clean up! (ok...and a little too excited!)

Until next time…happy Junkin’ /decorating !!!

*)*)*)…you know who you are!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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Betty said...

You really lucked out. Congratulations. I just adore and I mean adore what you did with the dresser. Too bad the person who threw it out does not read your blog or they would kick themselves for not keeping it.

Becca's Dirt said...

I love it Tootsie. Lucky you to find that dresser in the alley. I can't believe it is in such good shape and the mirror. So you have a partner - I'm happy for you.

Lona said...

Only you could take a wrong turn and find a treasure. LOL! What a great find. But I am loving this glasses desk. The chair goes so well with it too. Hope you had a great Birthday!

Shelby said...

New GFC follower from Monday hop. Looking forward to reading more and hope you will stop by my new blog.

Have a good week.

Unknown said...

Hi Tootsie . You did good . I love love love old furniture . Our girls had a dressing table like this one but in dark wood . They loved it .
Great desk , love the glass in the doors . Looks in good condition .

Very good junkin .

PolkaDotGaloshes said...

What great finds! that desk is beautiful. Oh only if you lived closer i would so tag a long for a junk yard treasure hunt! You know if you are ever up my way, you have a tour guide for junking ;)

Twingle Mommy said...

OK that's amazing! What a great find. Over from the hop, hope you'll visit when you get a chance.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

That desk is sweet, but that dresser is fantastic. I wouldn't change the look of it at all. It has a certain charm already. Just MHO.

Enjoy your treasures, they look good in your home.


Leslie said...

Those are some fantastic finds! Good for you! :)

Leslie said...

Those are some fantastic finds! Good for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tootsie: I love your old dresser and desk. I love also that you love the use of doiles!!!!! They make anything look great. You are so creative. I wonder where you got that from. G.B.

Alison said...

What an amazing find that dresser is, especially with the intact mirror!

I am so amused that you have a male friend named Scruff. That is my husband's nickname (cause he's scruffy).

Jeannies Bottle said...

This looks super. You have a good eye!

JaaBee said...

I would say I am so jealous but....I have the complete set. I will post a picture soon. Come on over to blog and see it soon. I am Jeanne/JaaBee

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

That is totally awesome!
Mine was also tossed out. My brother rescued it for me(-: It is not the same as yours but I love it the same(-: I had one when I was a little girl growing up almost just like it so I was thrilled to get it(-: Enjoy your finds they are all wonderful!!!!!

doreen said...

It all looks fabulous! I already follow just stopping in to say Happy Monday...

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Wow, the desk and the dresser are fabulous. What great finds and your vignettes are unreal. Of course I am drooling over all those fabulous flowers. Stunning. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Gatsbys Gardens said...

What a wonderful deco vanity table, can't believe you got it for free!


KK said...

WoW Toots. You did good. This little dressing table is awesome. And I just LOVE the desk. Great finds.

Unknown said...

Love both the cabinet and the dresser! Thanks for sharing on 2nd Time Around!
:) Diane

The JR said...

True trash to treasure. Kool!!!

siteseer said...

Love the dressing table. And for all of it to be in such good shape.... you are one lucky girl!!

Anne Cherie said...


FANTASTIC BLOG, You all are miracle workers I mean wow

I'm Amy from Cherie Girl (where EVERYone is fabulous). I'm you newest follower on your blog :-D I hope you can follow back XOXO

deb said...

Way to go! I bow to you O Junkin' Queen!! LOL
Great find on the desk, looks great with your chair. and the dressing table? OH MY! you scored big time!! My Grandmother had one very similar to it. Can't imagine why someone would just toss it, but their loss is your gain! Congrats!

clavs said...

nice work! Happy Friday Blog Hop! I am your newest follower, I hope you could visit and follow mine as well. tnx!

Marlee said...

Ha I have 4 cats, so I'm quite partial to this post. Found you from the Tuesday Blog Hop, and am glad I did! Am a happy new follower :).

Zsóka said...

Gyönyörű tükör. Öröm belenézni.

Unknown said...

I like what you did with your find! I think that I might have found a new hobby...junkin. Following you from the hop.


About a Mom said...

Hi! I have an old vanity/dressing table similar to yours and love it! I'm a new follower from Social Parade Friday Hop! Please check out my new blog :)