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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Hens and the Chicks

Hey!!! Good to see you! Thanks for stopping by! Today I am sharing something I have done…that isn’t even in my garden!

Most of you have heard of me chatting on and on about the wonderful neighbor I have living next door. He lets me do anything I want to his yard…as long as I don’t dig up the grass and make flower beds or plant a hedge…lol

He doesn’t like to do yard work, and he knows nothing about flowers, so I play around and make things pretty there once and a while…even add a few pots of flowers just to be a bug. lol

Well…he has a little patch of Hens and Chicks that grow in the front rock bed. He thinks they are weeds and was about to spray them with weed killer one day…when I arrived to save the day!

I am not that great with succulents and thought these “endangered” babies would be a good challenge for me. The plants didn’t do much for the last couple years…barely existed…but this year they have been Tootsiefied!


I made them bloom!!!!


They look awesome now…


I haven’t ever seen them bloom before, so I have been waiting to see if they open up…or what is going to happen with them.


When I showed my neighbor his little plants last week…he laughed. He asked if the plant is called hens and chicks…is that bloom the rooster? hahaha!


I got it to make babies…


The whole darn family…Hens, chicks and roosters too!


Anyone have tips for transplanting or dividing these? I think my greenhouse might need a couple.


That’s my story!

The weekend was absolutely fabulous at my house…good friends, old and new ones, lots of fun and time outside…what more could a girl ask for?

Until next time…Happy Gardening!

*)*)*) to the terrific three…you know who you are!

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