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Friday, December 23, 2011


Did you know tht the chopping down of the Christmas Tree represents the death of Christ and putting it back up again represents the resurrection of Christ?
Did you know tht the wreaths we hang are never ending circles, that represents eternity?
Candy canes were made to look like sheperd hooks and the colors red, Jesus's blood, white, purity?
The gifts represents the gifts the wise men brought for Jesus?
Sooooo....when you are running around trying to get the "perfect gift", stop yourself, take a deep breath and remember we have been given the perfect gift. Jesus Christ was given to us to remove all of our sins.
Until Next Time......MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!
*)*)*) to my special three...I know you are loving my posts...and Itruely so pray that this Christmas will bring to your heart a softness that has been missing. Letting go of all the self loathing that causes you to abuse those who you should admire, love and appreciate. And to ONE of you in particular....if your nasty comments continue...your Christmas gift from me will in fact be a restraining order wrapped up in police charges!! HUGS!