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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Feb.17/12


I am so happy you stopped by!

Friday is a BIG day for us here at Tootsie Time…(ok, just me…there is no one else here…lol) It’s a big deal because it means it’s PARTY TIME!!!! Fertilizer Friday is the day of the week than an ELITE group of gardeners from all around the world get together, snap photos, link up and Flaunt Their Flowers!!!
If you are new to Tootsie Time and Fertilizer Friday, I just know you are asking yourself…”How do I join?”
Well…it’s easy really. Here’s all you need to know to become a part of this great group of gardeners, bloggers and friends:
If it is spring or summer where you live, you need to snap a few photos of what you have growing, blooming or just love to look at that is of the plant variety…if it is winter where you live, you may post past favorite photos…or indoor plants…whatever you like. The only criteria is that it is a plant or something growing!
You do not need to use fertilizer to participate in this party, but if you do, this is the reminder to fertilize weekly!
All I ask is that: Your post must include the logo above and/or a link to Tootsie Time, or the linky will be deleted.

So....I would like to invite each and every one of you to join in and share your photos...

This week I have been super busy doing lots of errands and finalizing the sale of my old home. It has been a tough week for me and the kids, and I have been away from the computer much of the time. My share this week is going to be a blast from the past. I am missing my greenhouse…and aching to see spring…and all the crisp green leaves sprouting and the promise of blooms to come. Looking through the photos of my flowers in past seasons, I started to get excited… started to dream.

I am dreaming of …


Calibrachoa. It always makes me smile…the vibrant small blooms.


Dahlias in every color imaginable are a very nice sight to see. They are so regal and intricate.


The Passion Flowers with all the intricacies of their blooms, make this gardener stop and just gaze in amazement at the wonders of nature.


Geraniums in a myriad of colors in abundance filling the beds and containers are a delight! In early evening the bright colors seem to almost be electric with their glow.


Colorful hanging baskets with heavenly shades of blue flowers…Bacopa, Pansy, Lobelia…all just so delicate..


Huge containers loaded with Wave Petunias… just so wonderful…


Foliage plant such as Coleus…look so pretty and almost touchable!


Osteospermums sitting pretty in pots and plantings…looking like princesses waiting for prince charming to come.


Maybe a “forest” of Malva and Lavatera…to fill a flower bed…or just a few to add height to a garden…


I can’t wait to get my greenhouse filled with tropicals that bloom…


…and lots that don’t. Just leaves are enough for me…as long as it’s green…I am a happy girl.


I just can’t wait to have a space where I can sit…and let the garden excite my senses and ignite my imagination, and awaken my creativity.

Starting Monday morning, I am getting my plant on and starting to seed my annuals for this coming season!

What are YOU dreaming about for your gardens? I can’t wait to see!

Until next time…Happy garden dreaming!

“Creativity is when your spirit gets a chance to play and express itself. So whether art, dance, making music, writing, or creating a garden, let yourself go…”

*)*)*) to my special little fan club…sometimes life puts you on a path you didn't want to be on but somehow at the end of the path there's opportunity there that you would have never discovered before. Every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there.

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Tootsie,
I cannot wait to see all that you will do to your new home. I am anxious to see it!
Moving can be stressful, I know.
I know you have been through a lot. I gathered that from past posts. I want to wish you all the best in your new home and also to tell you that I LOVE your new photo! Soooo cute!

deb said...

I'm sure your looking forward to getting your fingers dirty and getting your plant on!! Have fun! Benn thinking about you, wishing all is well.
Have a great weekend ♥

sabri said...

Gorgeous ...i am always so amazed at the vibrant colors..of your gardens..xoxo

Asha Ram said...

Loved the pics of the flowers! Waiting to see your new garden, and I hope all the seeds (annuals) germinate. I am dreaming of completing my patio project; seems to be taking forever. I'm glad that my terrace garden is reviving, and that I can flaunt a few flowers - Fertilizer Friday, Feb 17, 12. :-)

Happy weekend!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

seems we have the same dreams.... I can't wait to see your flowers...

Darla said...

Oh Toots, we feel the anticipation with you girl!! You deserve some Toosie "time"....

Jean Campbell said...

Can hardly wait to see your greenhouse in the here and now complete with seedlings and tropicals.

I think we're all working hard toward making dreams a reality with spring a few weeks away. I planted lettuces yesterdy.

That Bloomin' Garden said...

Thanks for inspring me to grow lots of annuals this year. My first Geranium has germinated!

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Sorry I haven taken the time to post lately...been just want you to know I keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I keep checking in on your progress on your new home and it is coming along great!

Vetirmagal said...

Lovely , what attracted me was the passion flower.

Came via Rake and Spade.

Happy Gardening.

Kathy said...

Hello Tootsie, I am dreaming of springtime and summertime too. I am actually cleaning my garden today and am sharing some of the early blooms. thanks for hosting,

Rob Hunt said...

Thanks for hosting. I put a link back from my blog. I am a new follower. Found you while looking at I am a gardener among many other interests.

sabri said...

thank you for letting me share on your blog..glad to know i still have someone blog land...your such a great inspiration to us all...hope you can always remember birthday today...i feel old !!

The Bama Gardener said...

I can't wait to see what you do with your garden this year!