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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Lot To Change…And…A Little Progress.

When last we met I shared the first part of my kitchen remodel. Well…today I am going to make you wait for the second part of it, simply because I am not finished working on the part I want to share! ha-ha.

Today I am going to share a few more of the before photos from the inside of my new house…which is slowly becoming a home.

I admit…that with all that has transpired in my (and the kids) lives this past while, I could not see the forest for the trees. (so to speak) My imagination was broken…my eye could not see the possibilities for this little house. It took me a while to get to a place where I felt I could even try to imagine what this house could look like. I eventually pulled my head out of my butt and got a little inspiration, but it was not easy. I was discouraged…let me show you why:

take a look:


GRAPE GREEN….on the walls…yep…it is a pretty color…if its on a seedling…but on the walls??? Can you guess which room?? (my oldest daughter had this in her bedroom last year...she loved so much )


Yep!!! It is the family room!!! There is a fireplace behind that pile of crap!!! My plan for this was easy: PAINT…and remove the shelving on the wall beside it. My olive green sofa will not look good with this color!!! lol


I could not wait to paint…It got a nice crisp coat…or 3 of cream paint and it looks a million times better…I will share the after photos when I am done putting the room together.

NEXT ROOMS: Kids bedrooms.


Don’t you just LOVE the floor??? I think the old owners took the throw rugs with them when they left, and so we will need to address this...

This is my oldest daughter’s bedroom. ugh…The walls and ceiling will get a fresh coat of crisp cream paint…no more old paint….and that floor will be changed to a nice laminate…


This is the bedroom that will be occupied by my son. It’s a no brainer that the walls and ceilings will go from princess purple…to a nice crisp cream…and that floor…well it is almost a shame to cover it up…ha- ha! I’M KIDDING!!! He is almost 13...a purple wall is like hell for him!

Do you see the dark spot on the tiles on the floor in the corner? Well that is a spot where there are two tiles missing…and they slide…the funny part of it is that it brought back a childhood memory for me.


Do you remember these puzzles? You know the ones that you have to slide the tiles to put the picture together? That is what the floor in his room reminded me of…ha ha. As a kid my sister and I would sneak these puzzles to church in our purses…and try to do them when my mom wasn’t looking…Grampie would sometimes play too…but Grammie didn’t like it. ha ha


His walls were a mess…lots of small holes in his walls.

The holes were fixed…the floor replaced…


…and once I get a bit of time…I plan to build him a closet. His room had this gem instead of a real closet. It is a good thing he is patient!!! ha ha!

This house sports a second kitchen in the basement…and there are two wood burning fireplaces in the house…one upstairs in the living room…and the one in the family room downstairs.

There was a LOT of work to do to get this house feeling less like a train wreck and more like a home…

I have been plugging along slowly but surely…trying to let my shoulder injury heal…while still making a bit of progress…

What? You want to see a sneak peak at what little progress I have made???

Ok!!! I am so glad you asked!


This is a shot of the first attempt in my living room…from the front doorway…


I am still moving things around daily…


This is the view from the fireplace. It is slowly but surely coming together! I will more than likely have it changed a million times over before I finally settle on an arrangement, but for now, it will do…


This is the little hall way into the bathroom and bedrooms on the main floor…and in the mirror…you can see a little peak at my bedroom.

That’s it…I have no more to share today! I hope you will come back and see the progress as I move through this house slowly but surely making it a home.

I thank you for stopping by today and hope you will again soon. This week promises to be insanely busy and difficult for for me and the kids…final days to finish the sale of my old home, and lot to do…so if you don’t see me around…that is why! It will be another week before things slow down enough for me to get around to even a few of you…thanks for understanding!

Don’t forget to get your flaunt on with me this Friday!!! The post for the Fertilizer Friday party will be up Thursday evening…

Until next time….Happy decorating!

*)*)*) a quick note to my special fan club: I'm not hoping on a perfect life, I'm aiming for a better one, but for now I'm quite content with the mess of this one, ha ha, It keeps me entertained. I live to leave my kids a positive legacy. Here is a thought for the rest of your life...How do you want to be remembered?

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