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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Hedging…


I decided that since I am not seeing a lot of beautiful grass growing in my front yard, that this would be a good time to make my “mark” on it. What is green so far…QUACKS!!! I hate quack grass and this too shall be dealt with this spring!


I grabbed the hose…and made my shape…and then set about cutting out the sod. The roots from that quack grass were as hard to get rid of as a set of inlaws you no longer are obligated to! hahaha!


There were a few times when I almost fell down with exhaustion. I kept asking myself…WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF??? lol


Do you know what I am doing yet?

Yep…I am putting in a hedge. There is a teensy little twist to the hedge though. Do you see where the sidewalk is a little dark with dirt? That is a low spot. It fills with water because the sidewalk is not leaning the right way. I have to work around this issue…


I think my solution is gonna look very nice once we get things growing!


My hedge plants are almost funny to look at they are so scrawny! They are cotoneaster bushes...they make a great hedge line, and are free and plentiful out at the farm! I love how they are so easy to grow!


Not to worry…they will be just fine…a little plant food goes a long long way!


I left the bit of grass there as I didn’t want the pooling water to cause my hedge trenches to flood out.


Did I mention that it took me two days to do this project…(having to baby my shoulder injury and arms is slowing this girl down!) and that I had to go to the farm to get the plants??? AND…did I mention that most of my working was done….in the rain??? Yep!!! I was so dirty! hahaha


I then decided to cut myself a flower bed…that I will share with you all in a day or two…it was an adventure building that! Turns out it is one big ant hill on that side of the lawn! Boy are they MAD at me! hahaha!


For today…this is the scene in my front gardens!!! I have done more work in the front, which I will share very soon…until then, I need suggestions to rid this lawn of the ant issues! I am excited to share what I have done in my back yard too!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I have so much to share…and so little time to do it in…I appreciate all the follows, comments and visits!

Until Next Time….Happy Gardening!

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