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Monday, May 28, 2012

I’ll Have a Window Seat Please

I shared a preview of the following post last week…I have been doing renovations in my house for a while…and a couple of weeks ago I decided to tackle another project that I have been contemplating and planning to do.


This is my living room BEFORE the project. You will notice that it has a built up area in the bay window. I hate that area.


This is a huge waste of space if you ask me!


Did I mention that I absolutely HATE this built up window area???

Ya…I think I did.

I hated it enough…


…that I ripped it out! I made a HUGE mess!!! I was so excited to get this project going…I didn’t even care about the mess!!! I got things well under way…


…when a cowboy showed up and offered to give me a hand to finish it! Yay!!! I was happy to have the company…and we got lots done!

“Busy” was there offering a hand, and making quite a good audience too…


Marty…well he was just plain old pooped…and he slept through the entire project! (and to think, Grammie thought he would be scared of the saw and the tools…he’s only about three feet away and totally relaxed!)


After the flooring was put in, I set to putting up the bead board that I wanted to use in this area.


So far…so good! The cowboy and I shared the tools like good kids…not even an argument! Ha-ha.


….and Marty slept through that too! (kinda makes you wish you were him doesn’t it???)

The next day, I tried my best to cut the trims and molding for around the top of this little wall area…ya…I had such a disaster going…that I had to go to the lumber yard 2 times…and still messed up! I had to wait…swallow my pride…and ask that cowboy to cut my angles! Yep…that was painful for this Tootsie…but…it was a good thing I did.


I think he did a fabulous job doing the angles!


Later on, while I was painting the area…I realized what I was doing wrong…so…I suppose next time I will be able to figure it out myself! (maybe…ha ha)


There is a part of this project that is ALL me…This little corner piece…well it is a bit of a challenge…I didn’t feel like messing around anymore with it, so I decided to do a Tootsie Original Touch to this part.


I used one of these…


…and one of these…


…to make pillars to hide the ugly corners!


I painted it all up…and the construction part of this project is nearly finished! All that is left for me to do, is the fun part…the decorating.


I slipped to the store and picked up a few curtain panels. These are sheers with a little bit of lace sewn in. I like them for this room. (as my luck would have it, the store was one panel short…so I am waiting for them to re-stock so I can finish up)


I washed the floor, added a few plants and a couple of chairs to the area…


…and it’s done!


I love the added space this project gave my living room.


This room went from drab, dated and kind of crowded…


…to fabulously spacious and warm!

Thank you to my ‘cowboy’ for helping me finish this project. Without his help, I would probably still be cutting angles and throwing pieces of wood out the window! I appreciate the help!

That’s it for today! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the end result of this project. I am looking forward to sharing what I have been doing since then…later this week.

Until Next Time…Happy Decorating!

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