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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inspiration Resumed…

For about a year now I have been struggling with my creative side.  I have been BLOCKED….and I mean BADLY.   I couldn’t think of one little thing to build…refinish…or create!   I was worried…I thought it would never come back to me…that I would be boring forever!
Two weeks ago…I woke up in the middle of the night…with a great idea!!!  I was so excited…I wrote it right down…and that was the beginning of the flood of ideas that keep coming and coming!  I am BACK!  (and not a moment too soon)  I was worried that my imagination had died!!!
I have been writing down idea after idea in my little book...and they just keep coming!!!  Thank Goodness for small miracles...I have missed my imagination!
I found myself a junkin partner…and away we went!   I am going to show you a little peek at some of the little gems we found!   I am so excited to get busy and “renew…re-purpose…and re-invent” these things!
keep in mind…none of this stuff is even clean yet…
Check this out!   Is she not beautiful????  I know!!!   Ya…it is missing a piece…and it is a little rough around the edges…but hey…that’s why it’s the good junk!   I have wanted one of these babies for years!…and now I have one!   (doing a little happy dance!)
I love the rusty chippy finish…
…and just look at those curves!
I love the details…and all the charm…I can’t wait to do something super fun with this piece!
After I took the pictures of the headboard…I decided that it was time to move my treasures into the greenhouse …we are getting a big dump of snow today…and I need my junkin’ “gold” to be dry and “thawed” lol
do you see what I saw when I found these???
This is the first of 3 doors I am going to show you…
It is already well on it’s way to a very cool finish…and It has a very pretty doorknob on it…(not sharing that part yet…lol)  It looks like someone used a latex paint over an oil base (and probably lead) paint.   Kind of an accidental crackle finish!   I can definitely work with this!
The next one …Is the one with the window in it…It is going to become one half of an awesome project!!!  I just need to get my grubby little hands on another old door with a window in it…ugh…seems like it took forever to find this one!  (ya…I’m a lot of things…but patient is NOT one of them)
Did you notice something very neat on this door???
NO…I was not talking about the bird poop…or the dirt…I was talking about the wooden spools they used as knobs!  Someone else was creative!   I plan to remove the spools and keep them along with the others I got  that day…saving for another idea I just might have…*)
THIS is the door I am most excited about!   Yes… ahem…that is a LOT of bird poop…but it is perfect none the less…YES I do plan to remove the bird poop…(I know Grammie just let out a huge sigh of relief!  ha ha !)   …in fact I already have…but I am not sharing that part of the project yet…   I am so pumped about the fun idea I have for this baby…all I have to do…is get myself busy…and Tootsie this door right up!!!    Ha ha!  You thought I was going to spill the beans!!!   NOPE!  I am saving the details for another day.    I am excited to show you how it goes along the way!
There are a few other little things that I found…but they need to be cleaned up a bit more than they are before I can bring them into photos…lol…If you thought the door with all the bird poop was gross…you DO NOT want to see the other things yet…ha-ha-ha!  
Now…if you will excuse me…after handling those doors…I smell just a little like bird poop myself…so I must head for the shower! 
See you right back here on Thursday evening for the start of the weekly Fertilizer Friday party!!!
Until Next Time…Happy Junkin’!
*)*)*)   today the smile on my face…has been brought to you by:  Karma!  *)

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


g.a.s. art said...

Would love to be your junk partner.Can't wait to see the project.Some really great finds. g.a.s.

Larry said...

Good for you ! Imagine away and enjoy every minute of creating... I personally know what a thrill it can be! Larry

Mumzie said...

Love,your fabulous finds! Glad your creative mind has returned...I've had the same problem and I'm still trying to get mine back. I'm thinking it's my lack of hormones or something. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing. Yvonne

Desert Dweller said...

Creative block - I'm often there. I make it so hard, and when I let go and just have fun while solving the main problems, it all comes together. Glad you went through to the other side!

Great finds - I can only imagine the final result. Your garden photos and blog title photo remind me so much of some gardens I remember from England when I was very young!

Sending you 75F and sun today from down here!

Andrea said...

Oh Tootsie, knowing how good a carpenter you are, i can't wait for the outcome of your loot! I know you are very diligent in whatever you put yourself in, and you are always busy and quick, so I am just here waiting.

One More Time Events said...

what wonderful finds! New follower...Would love it if came by for a visit and follow back
or link up to the party at