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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Day in Seattle at NWFGS ( DAY 1 )

Well hello there!   Thanks for stopping by today! 

As promised…I am sharing a few of the photos I have taken while at the North West Flower and Garden Show in Seattle Washington!

Yes…we did it!  My cowboy and I drove 2000 km to attend this annual event!


There are some very creative gardens displayed here…check out the dinosaur…


I liked this one because of the creative use of some cool junk…


My favorite part of this booth was the wire “purse” like basket all planted up!  Super Cute!


It seems that this show has a LOT of Orchid booths.   Every isle we went down had at least one or two beautiful displays of healthy blooming orchids.  Look at this one.   It has a huge bloom…Gorgeous!


I was loving some of the wonderful shapes that the orchid blooms have…the colors are fantastic too. 


As luck would have it, this is not just a flower and garden show…it turns out it is an antiques and vintage market too!   YAY!!!   I get to do a little junkin!  :)


There are some wonderful little nick knacks just waiting for a garden to call home.


Loving this creative little gravy spoon!!!


I have a few glass door knobs and I think I even have a tomato cage or two!!!!


  I think this is a fantastic use for them!  


Blown Glass flowers are a huge trend in this show…they are pretty aren’t they?  I could have picked several out to bring home…maybe I still will!!!  :)


Grammie and Grampie will be happy to know that the garden gnome lives on for 2013….there are gnomes in ANY size you would imagine…ANY Size…:)


THIS is my personal favorite…I fell desperately in love with the old shopping cart as soon as I saw it.  My cowboy laughed at me at first…but he soon saw how cute it is.  He likes it too…but would not allow me to purchase this lovely.   I even offered to push him around the show in it…but he stood his ground…(mean bugger)

Yep…I NEED a shopping cart….REALLY bad.  So…if anyone has one who lives in my area…I would be a very happy Tootsie to have it!   (Grampie…that is a hint for you…?????xoxo???? :)  okay?)


I am sure that we could cut a “Deal” for a shopping cart Grampie…maybe it would involve a gnome or sumthin…?

Well…that is it for today…I am on my way back to the garden show to take a bunch of wonderful photos to share! 

Until Next Time…Happy Gardening!

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