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Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Grateful Mom…

Another Mother’s Day is upon us…most of us moms think about how we hope to be pampered and shown gratitude by our children.  
This year…as I anticipated this day, I was  thinking about MY children and how very fortunate I am to have the three of them.   So…I  decided to do a slightly different take on the traditional Mother’s Day post.
I am the proud mom of three amazing kids…three of the best young people I know.   I am pleased to say that we are very close and they in turn are very close to each other.   No matter what the situation, good or bad, all three of them are there to show support for each other.  
I have spent their lives trying to do my best to guide, teach and support two young ladies and one young man through this life.   When I look at my them…who are quickly becoming young adults…I am absolutely amazed. 
I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed from when they were small and so dependent on me for everything…and I am in awe at the people they are becoming.   My heard swells with pride and my eyes well up with tears when I reflect on the people they  have been and will be.  
My three joke about me being a Beverly Goldberg kinda mom…they tease me constantly about how much I worry…how much time I spend caring what they do…How much I try to do for them…and how I crave time WITH them.  
This year will be my 18th year as a Mom.   There is not one day since my first baby arrived,that I have not been excited to see the faces of my babies…hear their voices or spend time together with them.   They are, have always been, and always will be the light of my life…my proudest accomplishment.   I am excited for their futures…and can’t wait to be a part of them.
I love you Mr B.  I love you Georgie.   I love you Busy.   Without the three of you, I wouldn’t even be a mom…So Happy Mother’s Day, and THANK YOU for making me a yours.
Until next time…Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!!!

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