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Saturday, June 16, 2018

This Father’s Day…

Happy Father's Day Weekend from Tootsie Time!

Families are made up of all kinds of complicated stories…and situations.   The sad fact of the matter is that not everyone who is blood related will treat you like you matter.   Once in a while, you find yourself in a relationship with someone who is very special and who takes  on many roles. 
This world has a whole lot of good men out there that are taking on a father (or even a grand father) figure role when they really don’t have to do so.
Our family is fortunate to have a few of these type of men in our lives.
As a child, my family ‘adopted’ an elderly fella or two who did not have families of their own nearby to spend time with.  I think back and have such fond memories of them.     I guess I must have enjoyed that as I have carried on that tradition.  
Each week we make sure to set aside some time for a very special visit with someone who my kids have come to appreciate as a grandfather figure.   Bill has been a friend to all of us since our move to the house next door to him several years ago.   We are all very fond of him and he has been joining us for all of our  birthdays, special occasions and every holiday. 
I often wonder who looks forward to our weekly visits more…us or him. 
If you have been following Tootsie Time for a while now, you know that several years ago I went through a divorce.   My children do have a good  relationship with their dad, but they also have a strong bond with their step dad, who we affectionately refer to as the Cowboy.   They both love the kids…and if you ask my opinion…there’s no such thing as too much love.  

So on that note:

To all the Dad's, Step Dad's, Step Grandpa's and Mom's who end up doing both jobs...We celebrate you!


...and to those Dad’s that have never failed to do their best by their own kids!


Until next time…Happy Father’s Day!

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