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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Living Decor

"Plants make people happy"

This is my favorite line in a book I had the privilege to read lately

If you are like me…any book about plants catches your attention…and this one is no exception!

On March 5th, 2019,  Publisher: Cool Springs Press released a 176 page book that is nothing less than fantastic!

It’s a lovely hard cover book written by Maria Colletti about my favorite topic!   PLANTS!    

"Botanical styling for a greener, healthier home."

In the book Colletti covers everything from decorating with houseplants…to how to projects to make interesting vignettes…and general plant care tips, as well as naming some specific plants and their needs.   

I have several books about decorating with houseplants…but this one is unique in that it has some neat ideas for using found items to create containers, or accents around your home and keep your plants happy.   

The how to projects are easy to follow…with items that are common to most places…and the beautiful color photos help give a visual of each project and step!   

If you are thinking…”oh sure…another how to book with outdated ideas..”   you are absolutely mistaken!  
This book offers ideas on how to do some of the most popular decorating trends right now…including photo frames and chandelier style planters.   

I found it both inspirational and informative…as well as a welcome addition to my library.   

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to create style with houseplants! 

Thank you to Cool Spring Press for sending me an advanced copy to review. 

Until next time…Happy Reading!

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