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Monday, May 26, 2008


I was reading an article that stated that garden art is "out". Well I guess I will once again be called behind the times. My garden art is "IN" the garden and it is STAYING!


Who decides what is in and/or out? Some guy that has a chip on his shoulder, a famous (or not so famous) name and a computer? My opinion of this sort of decision is one of personal preference.

I think that a garden is a matter of personal opinion. Unless you are designing for a commercial space, it should reflect who you are, where you came from and what you like.

I have many pieces of garden art, that I have gathered together over the years. I have made most of it, and each and every piece is a memory that will stay with me for a lifetime. Every day that I water my garden, I am reminded of an event , day or special person. Here are some examples of my gardens and the "art" I choose so proudly to display.

This is an old water pump that my Dad pulled from the the old house on the homestead that I grew up on. Now don't go thinking that I am that old....My parents bought the old "Day" place, when I was a girl, and have torn down the old place long ago. My Dad ripped down the condemned old house, and fixed up the yard site. My parents have a beautiful yard. A huge yard, filled with gorgeous "art" and flowers, trees, and hiding spaces. My dad raises exotic birds and they are "art" of sorts too.



One day, my Dad arrived at my house with this baby on the back of his truck. I was thrilled! He had painted it gold for me, and I had the perfect spot for it in my yard. When we moved, we took it with us along with the greenhouse. This past year I made it into a fountain, so that the sounds of trickling water could relax those that are in my yard, and it looks like it was made to be mine!

This Bench (below) is my own creation! One day, as I was browsing around in the shops in the downtown of our city, I came across a shop that sells very high end benches. The one in the store was around $400.00! I almost passed out at the price! There is no way on earth that I would be caught dead paying an amount like that for something I could build myself.


Not having a cell phone with a camera at the time, and not wanting to look too obviously taking measurements, I used my body as a measurement. The top peak comes up to my boobs, the arm comes to just above the get the idea. I ran out to my car, wrote the "stats" on a napkin, and drew a quick diagram. I raced home, pulled the barn board that I had been saving for a special project out, and got to work! I made two of them...gave one to a lady that had become very special to me, and the rest is history.

The window, is one that I made out of old windows that I salvaged from a house slated for demolition. I have actually now made three of them. One for me, one for the lady next door, and one for a friend.

5 6


Look at my bird bath! I was looking in a magazine one day and saw one similar to this. I had to have it! It was very pricey, and they wouldn't ship to Canada, so I decided that I would make my own! I have made several now, and am always getting people who want one. The cup on the stick, is there as an accessory.



Like my Bike? I had always wanted a bike in my garden! Sadly the old ones are hard to find at this point in time. Apparently they are a hot item in this area! One day while my family and I were out on a garage sale tour, I spotted this old bike in a garage. I yelled to stop! I jumped out and ran to that bike! It was $1! SOLD! I got some really awful looks from people at the sale...there were lots of very shiny and newer bikes there...but I explained to the guy that I was using it in my garden. He was so happy to hear that as it was his first bike in his life and his wife wanted it to go to the dump.



We took the bike home, (did I mention it is not that old? And that it was a 5 speed?) I cut the bar off, I took all the decals off, and the chain and gears out. I scraped it all up to speed the rusting process and added a wire basket that is meant to hold household items. It looks great to me!

The milk can beside it....well that came from an old friend. It is a keepsake.

My white white bicycle...(ever heard that song by Nazareth?) This bike was a gift from my children for valentines day this past year....


The clock....tick tock...tick tock...was also a gift..


The big iron bike was a birthday gift a few years back... It was my first store bought art piece. I love the look of it.

This little bird house was made from the branches of the tree stump that it is sitting on! The apple tree died and I had wanted to try my hand at making a bird house. I didn't pull the trunk of the I mounted it onto the original base! It opens on a hinge . I guess you could keep a spare key in there if you wanted to..but we do not! lol



There are two window boxes hanging on the fence. These were hand made by me! I used old windows, and some barn board to put them together. I painted them up.... and there they are!


The ladder and the milk can are from a garage sale. I had a white ladder a few years back that I had planted in one of my flower beds. My dad had given me an old rustic looking ladder....and I loved it so much. Once it had had enough of the garden and was gone to ladder heaven...I found this one. I use it as a replacement to remind me of my Dad.


Does the iron on the fence count as art? If it does, then this is a piece I picked up at a local store here in our city.

The signs....well l made these too...and several others that I have given away. Yes...I do love my power tools! lol.



I know that too much "art" will ruin the look of my garden...and so I think I am cut off for now. But I love what I have and it will not be going away anytime soon...even if some guy with a computer, a chip on his shoulder, and a famous (or not so famous) name said it is "OUT"

Some day, I dream of having a garden that spans several acres, and sports all of my treasures and possibly some new ones. I want to have the type of garden my parents raised me to treasure. But for now...I will collect all that I can tastefully display here in my small city garden.

Until next time…hugs and smiles! Happy Gardening!

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Tootsie said...

Justine. I will be addressing your question tomorrow. Just so you didn't think I saw it!

Anonymous said...

Good morning sweet friend.. Oh your garden are is wonderful. I too, have some of those same pieces, now each and everytime I look at them I'll think of my new found friend. You are such a talented person and so kind to share all of your treasures with us. You've reminded me of some other treasures I've stashed in my baby barn that I need to pull out and work in some flower beds around here, and to obviously start some new it rained a ton here last night so won't be able to start some of those projects today, but will certainly start on them this next week. Thanks again for reminding me of the beauty of our homes is displayed in the memories made and reflect our own personalities. Hugs to you dear heart. Lynne

Anonymous said...

GM, Tootsie Just loved your story about your yard art and so many pieces that you made how cool is that a woman with power tools. I love the little bikes and the big bike.I guess I am outdated also becuase I love all the great things to put in your yard. I do have old wagon wheels, hand pumps, old racks and old saws. My DH even made me decorative squirrels peanut boxes for my little squirrels, Yes I love the little pests and I feed them peanuts and even have 2 of them named,Don't laugh I am old and have nothing better to do now.This is just too beautiful girl and I am so glad you have all the fun memories in your wonderful yard to enjoy each day. Talk at you later.hugs and smiles to you dear friend

onlymehere said...

You're my kind of woman! I love my power tools and love the smell of fresh cut wood! I love your yard/garden art! It makes it a place with personality and somewhere you can go to feel at peace. I agree that it's just a person's opinion when they say something is "out." I posted on RMS a chair that I had just bought that was like my mother's oak glider and someone left a comment of "who would ever pay money for THAT?" Well I waited a long time to buy it and I did pay for it bz I love it! I don't care if it's considered "out" by someone else's standards bz it's exactly what I wanted and I love it! Good for you for doing your own thing in your yard! You've given me many new and wonderful ideas for mine!

Anonymous said...

Hey, You can use anything that I have friend. I love your yard art... You are doing a great job.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Tootsie, I'm with you girlfriend!! I love yard/garden art. But, I'll never forget the day some rude.. person on RMS told me to get rid of it. They said my flowers and yard spoke for themselves. Not to me, I want the cute little things around that put a smile on a persons face when they find/spy it!! Hugs, Terrie

Anonymous said...

Another enjoybable instalment, i always enjoy your garden. I agree whole heartedly that we should not give too much attention to the design 'gurus' (mostly self proclaimed) we should all make our spaces into places we love and enjoy.... have a good evening, friend, Milmum

mrsben said...

I do love your yard art particularly the pieces that are works of art by Tootsie. I don't have a cell phone (nor do I want one) but I always am packing a tape measure. Guess its the seamstress in me :) I chuckled to myself when I seen the old bicycle you bought for a $. Would I be telling my age if I said, I was expecting it to be a Balloon-tired one? Again, Glenda thank you for inviting me into your beautiful garden and sharing all your creative treasures. (Well must go as I'm just letting the base of a Chocolate Baked Alsaska cake cool off before I add the icecream and meringue.) -Brenda-

Anonymous said...

I just love all your garden art and your beautiful gardens. They are just gorgeous. You certainly have a knack for decorating and creating, and a green thumb.
I enjoy your post, please keep them coming. All my best to you, Janie

Tiffany said...

Oh Toostie I really like this; you blog is really turning out great! This is teaching me about something I know nothing about- gardening. I really like the things you have in your garden and would like to be just as creative.

Unknown said...

Personally, I think garden art brings more texture to the garden, gives us places to rest our eyes when things aren't necessarily blooming, and give some plants a place to grow. The ladder gives height, too! Your plantings and art are absolutely gorgeous! I especially like the fountains you made!

artis1111 said...

tootsie, I love the tea set bird bath. I have told some of my friends about it. Just too cool. The rest of the yard art is perfect.Kathy

Betty819 said...

Tootsie..I love all of your garden are one cleaver woman with a keen eye that has taken stuff people were going to throw away and used your creative juices..Thank You for the art show! I love the gold pipe pump and the white bike with the basket of flowers in the back. Just the shape of your flowerbed under that tree is a work of art. How did you do that? And when the flowers filled it..voile la! loved it all, thanks for sharing with us!

Art and Sand said...

I decided to start at the beginning and have been reading your early 2008 posts about your garden. I didn't know garden art was 'out' in 2008. I must be really behind the times because I have art in my garden. I hope the 'garden police' don't show up and make me move things.

I will have fun pouring through your blog from the beginning.