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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tipsy Pot Instructions. (and the usual Friday Reminder)

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I cannot tell a lie. I found this project online a while ago...I hope to try it next season in my garden. Can you imagine how wonderful this would look with Alyssum, bacopa or some other trailing type plant spilling out of each pot? or how about maybe loading it up with pansy? The Possibilities are endless....I could go on and on...but you know the
For those of you not familiar with tipsy pots, this is how it's done.
Basically, a long pipe is secured in the ground and the pots are threaded through the pipe.

Tipsy Pot Materials:
-1 pipe or strong wooden dowel long enough to fit through all the pots you want to stack (may have to do a few test assemblies to determine this) plus enough length to firmly hammer the pipe into the ground (about a foot for every 2-3 foot of height above ground).It would be ideal to use scrap pieces of 1/2" copper pipe.

For what you see here, they used four feet of pipe.
The pipe/dowel has to fit through the hole in the bottom of the pots but be strong enough to support all the pots.
-any pots or outdoor-friendly containers with holes in the bottom.
The hole doesn't have to be in the middle of the container but needs to be wide enough to fit the pipe/dowel through.
They used my clay pots but think of the possibilities: old aluminum teapots, coffee pots, kettles, cooking pots....Anything you can drill a hole in if it doesn't have one already.
The larger the pot, the better the 'tipsy' effect.-soil and plants, or whatever you want to stick in the pots

-hammer the pipe/dowel into the ground until firmly in place.
-thread each pot through the pipe, one at a time, adding soil and plants as you go.
-each pot will find a good resting spot on the pot below.

If you make one of these this year...will you please let me know how it goes? I would love to see photos! good luck guys!

AND NOW!!!!!!!
It is Fertilizer Friday!!!!! Grab your shoes, your fertilizer and your ambition...and get your plants fed! I hope to see photos of your gardens soon!!! (This includes you my dear Gollum) {8-)
Have a wonderful weekend friends...hope to see you all next week. Be Safe and have some Fun.