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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the WINNER is....

Wow! I am so excited to say that I got so many comments on the post about making the tea pot bird bath! I have done the draw, and will tell you about that in a minute.
First, I wanted to thank you who mentioned me in your posts, and have sent so many new people to my blog spaces. I appreciate the plugs. I also loved reading the tips for folding and the cute comments you have left me about not just this project, but all the others as well.

Starting tomorrow morning you will be getting some tips for fall prep for your garden, and some seed collecting advice. I am not happy to give this information out, as it means that fall is on it's way, and that shortly after that, winter will be here...but such is life and I have no choice as to what Mother Nature will do to us, so we may as well be ready!

Okay...on to the big event!

So many entries!
I wrote you all out on equal sized pieces of paper.....see?

I folded them all ....see?

I put you all into a bowl.....

Shook it up really good to mix it in fairly....see?

and now....
My lovely assistants will make the official draw......can I get a drum roll please?
ta da!

The winner of the tea pot Bird Bath is......
wait for it..

wait for it....
okay enough tootsie.
The winner of Tootsie's Tea Pot Bird Bath is..........

Doesn't she look excited? lol (this is a photo I borrowed from her blog)
I am so excited to give this to my blogging friend. I met her on RMS and she has some lovely flowers in her gardens. I just know this will be a nice addition to the view. AND each time she looks at it...she can think of her friend Tootsie. order to give this to her...I need her to send me her address! I need her to go into my comments and leave me her mailing address and let me know where to send this! (no worries Jess...the comments are moderated...and I won't publish your address)

The next order of business is for me to figure out how to package this piece up, so that it does not arrive in a million pieces! now...where did I put that bubble wrap.....?!?!?!
I still have another tea pot, and cups, so you never know...there could be another draw in the making!....or maybe, I will come up with another idea to draw for...this is so much fun!

Thanks to all that entered and who have been such loyal readers and commenters! My guest book is really filling up...and I love it!


Coloradolady said...

congratulations Jessica. You have won yourself a mighty cute bird bath.

Jessica said...


Oh my goodness! What a way to start the day! I have long admired that charming birdbath! I can't believe it, I feel like I've won the lottery....I'm doing cartwheels... (pictures of that coming Now I'm doing the WHA-TOOTSIE! WOOOHOOOO! Thank you so much, I will cherish this ALWAYS and I mean that with all my heart. :)

Luv ya~ J. :) YIPPPEEEEE!!!!

mrsben said...

Congratulations 'Jess'.  So happy that you won!!!!So sweet of you Tootsie to even have the draw.  Hugs to ya -Brenda-

Justine said...

Congratulations Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It shoulda been me, but I'm happy for ya anyway!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Justine :o )

Picket said...

Oh man....did you even put my name in that bowl!!!! lol lol Congrats to Jessica..I know she will love it Toots! I hope all is well in Tootsieville this morning and I thank you ever so kindly for my blog award...I have that one on my side bar already so I will add your name to it and try my best to do it proud!!!! Thanks girl...Love ya!

Sue said...

DARN!!! But... Congrats Jessica!! Enjoy(my), Your birdbath!!

onlymehere said...

Congratulations to Jessica! What a treasure. I just saw your bathroom diva picture! You look so different from the other pictures on your blog. Very pretty picture Toots! But you're right, beauty comes from within but I already knew you were beautiful inside!

Tracey said...

Congratulations Jessica!! I hope you enjoy your cute birdbath :)
And thanks Tootsie for having a giveaway with such a cute prize :)

Tracey said...

Forgot to say how cute your lovely assistants are :)

Raxx - A day in the life said...

And there I was checking the shipping costs to Trinidad!!

Congratulations Jessica and well done Tootsie!

Unknown said...

Wow what a great gift for a really sweet girl . So happy for Jessica . I love it when some one special gets a really special gift . I can't wait to see it in her garden . Mary

SG said...


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

When you left word on my blog that you had something for me, and I clicked over here and saw you were announcing the Bird Bath Drawing, I was almost faint with excitement, just waiting to see my name as the receipient of the beauty! LOLOL!...Oh well, Congrats Jessica! :) But I am VERY thankful for the award too! LOL! But I sure was hoping it was the bird bath! LOL!

Congrats to you on the award and that was so sweet of you to pass it on, and I really do appreciate it! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

Penny said...

That whole thing was pretty exciting! I love your little girls pulling out the name for you. They are SO darn cute!

Congrats to your winner! She's gonna LOVE it!

Have a funtastic day!

PS I saw where yu're now a DIVA! Excellent!


Congrat's to Jessica !!
Tootsie, I so agree with you about the award can do it any way you want and I think if I ever get another award, I'll just say Thanks.
Thanks for having such a nice giveaway.
Warmly, Deb :)

Coloradolady said...

I have an award for you. Come visit me.

Rue said...

Hi Tootsie :)

Congratulations to Jessica!

Thank you for being so sweet. The William's house is still a possibilty, but it's a wait and see game now.


Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Hi Tootsie...thanks so much for my award! It is soooo pretty...I already posted it! I am so excited because it's the first one I've received! This weekend when I am off work for a few days, I will sit down and take time to share it with some other dear hearts. Thank you made my day by such an honor! :-)

Julie said...

Oh how kept us all on the edges of our seats, Tootsie!!! So happy for the winner, Jessica!!! Yee Haw!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica you lucky dog you!!! Toots you are going to need a big box for that gift... Love the little busy girl and Jordan is getting so big..too cute.. Hugs and smiles

Life on the Edge said...

Uh, hey...yeah, um...I'm Jessica...ok...and you should send that birdbath to um, Bonnie Lane, right? Yeah, that's the ticket. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, lol.

Just kidding. Congrats Jessica!


Anonymous said...

congrats!!! Jessica... it is a beauty...Tootsie this is truly a generous gift for you to share. lynne

Anonymous said...

I had a spot all picked out for this cute birdbath- guess I'll have to make me one instead!!! Congratulations Jessica- hope we get to see what it looks like in your place!!!

Tootsie thanks for the award also!! Mary/Mariah posted me a comment about her having given me an award and it looks like the same one so I'll have to edit my award post!!!

I love what you did about the award. I was always one of the last to be picked kind of kids too!

:) mary

Betty said...

Shucks!!! But I am so happy for Jessica that it makes up for my disappointment, she is such a sweetie and I can't wait to see where she puts it.
Got back home last evening, now I am sure I cleaned this house before I left but it sure doesn't look like it now.