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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Making A New Garden Room

I have been working on a new look for one of the areas of my garden. It is too late in the season for me to be able to cut any new beds (and I am pretty sure my Bob would have a fit if I added any more right now) am bored with the way things are looking.

For a while now I have been working on an area that we will be putting a patio set. I have been hauling and pouring cement in my cement cobble stone mould. This project will be a future blog post, but not until I have finished it. The area in question for today's post is the one on the left, in the far corner of the fence beside/behind the bench.
I have a plan for this area in my head, and I am starting to see it come together. Stop peaking at the

Now, what's a brand new patio, with a (not yet purchased) patio table and chairs complete with a fabulous umbrella, without some embellishment? yea...that's what I think too...NOTHING!!!

This new "room" needs something more than just flowers, and a needs ACCESSORIES! And that is just what it will have.

I picked up three little shelves at a garage sale on the weekend for a dollar each. They even came with the brackets! I haven't decided what color to paint them , or even if I will...but I hung them today.

Shelves alone are I searched for something to put on them...Oh...I have lots of little nick Knacks that I could use...but what if they fall down and break? None of the things that I looked at around my greenhouse or home would work. hmmmmm..."Think Toots...THINK!" (you know it's bad when I am even referring to myself in real life as Toots! lol)

I KARAMBA!!!! I'VE GOT IT! (No...I don't really talk like that!)

Have you ever purchased something, and loved it...used it in your home and gotten tired of it? (of course you have...this is the RMS Well I have some tin tea pots that I love still, and am not willing to give away or sell in a garage sale yet, but don't really want to see in my house again. I will go dig them out! Now where did I put them?
Here they are! They are PERFECT for outside. Even if they fall, they will not break! Don't they look great on here? This "room " is starting to shape up!
See the little china tea cup? Don't worry it won't fall has a screw going through it to hold it on the shelf....I drilled it years ago to make a cup on a stick...but the stick went missing. It is the very first one I made...and it was from a china set my grandmother had years ago.
Does anyone know what the ceramic jar thingy is that I have hanging on the hook? I bought it at that garage sale too...just 'cause I liked it. I have NO idea what it is for...lolI will probably find some more to add to this arrangement...but for today, it looks just fine to me! What do you think? Should I paint the shelves? Or should I just leave well enough alone? I don't mind the green ones...
Sorry about the close ups...but I didn't want to give away the surprise of the rest of the project that has yet to be finished...I am so excited! Heck this project didn't take as long to do as it did to blog! 15 minutes tops...and I got to use my cordless drill!

I can't wait to show you the patio. ....soon...hopefully soon.

I have been working on some rather involved posts for you all...that is why there are so many "filler" posts being used on my blog. Don't worry...I have not forgotten about the gardening that I am supposed to be discussing...But...this sort of is decorating a garden room...right?


Bo said...

Hello Ms. Tootsie...I am a new blogger but have enjoyed seeing & reading your blog for a while now. Your yard is a beautiful haven. The shelf idea is so cute with those teapots...never would have thought of that.
;-) Brown-Eyes (aka Bo)

artis1111 said...

I love this!!!What about wind blowing things off?We get some heavy winds. And it is not my BIG MOUTH!! HEEE Kathy

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Toots I love the shelves and the accessories! When you say a room you mean a ROOM! can't wait to see it completed.

Allgrins said...

I realy realy like this! Great job! I have to get out to some garage sales tomorrow.

cedwards55 said...

I can't wait for the "reveal". I'd leave the shelves the color they are. Why make more work for yourself when there isn't one thing wrong with they way they are now? Wish I knew what your hanging pot thingy is (technical term) but I don't have a clue. Now, hurry up and get those cobbles done. You are one ambitious lady! Carol

Justine said...

Oh wow, Toots, this looks amazing already! I LOVE the shelves, and love the colors of them, and what you put on them? Amazing! Just beautiful! Now, will you leave them out there year-round? I mean, during the winter I know you get loads of snow, so I'm thinking you'll take everything down then, right? ooh, I cannot wait to see the rest of this project!

Justine :o )

Betty said...

Oooh! I like it. I have a little knook area where part of the house sticks out and then the part that is the kitchen is inset. I have been wanting to make it into a little "room", you shelf idea I may just borrow. I kind of like a tea room look, I don't have any tea pots I would want to put out but maybe I will have to go "garage selling" for some I wouldn't mind if they were outside (or I good go shopping at Tootsie one night! No I had better not, I forgot about the dog.)
For now I kind of like the colors of your shelves but I guess in the end it may depend on what else you do with the space.


Rue said...

Hi Tootsie :)

Thank you for the award! How sweet ie that?! I'll let you know when I post it :)

I love what you did with the "room" so far! I think the shelves look cute as is, but you could paint one of the green ones another color to give it an even more colorful look :)


Bridget said...

I think little Busy must take after Mommy because Girl, you've been busy! Can you bring some of that energy down here and spiff up my backyard?

Buffie said...

I LOVE it!!!! How ingenious!! I just can't wai to see the rest! You've given me some ideas too..hmmm, now what do I have around here that I can use?

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad I stopped by today. I can only imagine how your patio room will turn out, your off to such a great start.

Love it.....


Cathy said...

I love that "new" room you are creating.....I don't how you girls keep everyting so perfect! Your yard is Beautiful! That pot adorable!

I just pulled about 4 wheel barrow loads of weeds,and that was just in the front yard!

Anonymous said...


About that tree frog I posted.... the other day. I went to Justine's blog and I think it's the same one that she has on her shin.


Julie said...

Oh wow...Tootsie...this is so pretty. I can't believe all those pots and stuff you had in storage! COOL! :) I love the color of the shelves actually...I wouldn't change a thing. I have no idea what that hanging onject is...I better read the other comments...someone may have already identified it! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the shelves and teapots are my thing so you have me hooked!! All your secrecy concerning your cobblestone has me itching to see!!! Hope the reveal will be soon!

:) mary

nikkicrumpet said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I've never seen anyone do decorated shelves outside! You are so freaking clever!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Tootsie, I laughed out loud, when I read the part ...that your project didn't take as long as the post! That was too funny! I love the tea pots used outside! What a neat and unique idea! Can't wait to see the completed project!

~Rhonda :)

Nancy Jane said...

Fabulous! You are one creative woman. Can't do a blog for the awards yet. Have been too swamped to blog. Have 4 very good excuses...stop by to see them. Nancy

Unknown said...

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imjacobsmom said...

Those teapots are tin???? Too cool. I love anything from tin! (My Dad was a sheet metal worker back in the day.) You know, artis1111 has a point, I hope you secured the teapots to the shelves also. I've got a few of those teacup bird feeders laying around my shed somewhere now, too. I can't wait for the whole reveal it is looking good already. ~ Robyn

Tootsie said...

there is not too much wind there at all...but I did put a little gravel in the bottom of each one just for some added weight. Thanks for the concerns ladies! and all the wonderful comments!

Jessica said...

You have your own cement mold? Girl, you never cease to amaze me! I have paid a small fortune for 'custom' stepping stones, I now have 17 but it's taken me all ( I only buy a few at a time. ) I absolutely love the shelves and the teapots, great idea but I'm doing cartwheels just waiting to see your finished project.

Hugs~ J.

SG said...

I love your display! What a great idea for a fence! Too bad I don't have a fence...

Life on the Edge said...

I love this! I like the idea of having areas of the yard look like rooms, and what kind of room is it without something on the "walls?" These shelves look great, especially with the tin watering cans. You got a great bargain and it looks beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Such a clever idea! Consider using a silicone caulk to secure your teapots to the shelving for the summer as it should be easy to remove with a putty scraper. - Sheryl (SherylCanadianGirl)

The Hunky Gardener said...

How is your birch doing? If you drive through any neighborhood in Edmonton right now you can find at least 10 dead or dying birches. People are getting quite innovative with the dead trees. I have seen one made into a sculpture, one a hanging basket stand and one a jungle gym for the!