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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A New Frock for my Throne!!!

I was out shopping to get away from the hot weather the other day, and look what I found!!!
I was so excited...they even had Two! So....being the girl that I am...I picked them both up thinking that maybe I could use one for a back rest! does it work? Now this to me looks much better...and....if she doesn't feel like being fancy, and just wants a casual look.....
She can flip it and have stripes!
I do hope this is better to your eyes! the other is going to either be saved for another day...or be returned...I have yet to decide it!
Now...I still have to do what Artie Ben suggested...and I think I have a tray somewhere to use...just have not had the time...maybe next week.


Julie said...

Oh...this is a beautiful reversible cushion! I love it! The whole thing just turned out GREAT!!!!!

Life on the Edge said...

I like this even better! Great idea to get two so you can use one for a backrest. I think you've got it right with this one!


Buffie said...

Oh this one is perfect with those soft hues! Where did you end up finding them at this time of year!? Good eye Glenda! Love it!

Bridget said...

This look is terrific! Great job girl! Now you should sit down with a cold drink and enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Love the color of those cushions! I want to change mine out so bad. Your blooms are so beautiful! envy


Hi Tootsie,
Thanks for visiting me. I love the blue fabric, it just makes the chair :) Have a great week.
Warmly, Deb

mrsben said...

Great find Tootsie.  Being reversible almost two for the price of one....though nice.....hate to say it but still prefer the other :)  (Sorry)  Hugs  -Brenda-

Justine said...

Ooh, this cushion is soooooooooo much better! Looks wonderful Toots!!!!!!

Justine :o )

onlymehere said...

The Saw series Tootsie! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? LOL! Of course I never saw them! The last scary movie I ever saw still haunts me. I still wake up screaming sometimes and I saw it in college and I'm far away from being college age!

nikkicrumpet said...

well aren't you just the clever one for thinking about using one for the back rest...not only does it look fabulous...but it looks comfy too!

mrsben said...

Tootsie, just wanted to mention something to you about the Tipsy Pots. I have a girlfriend that just moved into a new home out in the country and she is one of those people who seem to have everything.   Well, I purchased a few large terra cotta clay pots and a few smaller ones, typed up the instructions with one sample photo and used the other for a homemade gift tag, included a gift certificate to cover the expense of supplies/flowers  and gave it to her as a house-warming gift.....and she absolutely LOVED  it/the idea.   (For presentation I just stacked them inside one another, filled the top one with dyed raffia, inclued a small indoor potting spade, gardening gloves,  h/w card etc. made my own clear cellophane bag to wrap the tower in; tied some raffia around it, hot glued some artificial sunflowers on it. I often use one of those electrical vacuum bag sealers to  make my own  custom gift bags as it works well.) Sooooooo, THANK YOU very much!!!! Hugs  -Brenda-