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Friday, August 15, 2008

A Rescue Project (and a reminder)

Hang on everyone...this is a long one!
The other day, as I watered my weed patch in the front yard, I looked to my left and there she was. Sad, dirty and abandoned on the side of the house two doors down. I instantly fell in love with the idea of a challenge and a new garden project. You hubby is away, so I have a bit of time on my hands.... and I NEED to be busy.
I waited to see the people that lived there, and lo and behold there he was...and very willing to have anyone haul her away. That someone would be me!
I grabbed her and away I went! I thought of Niartist (I like to call him Artie Ben better...but think I may be spelling it wrong lol) the entire time I was doing this project...I think he would be proud of my garbage find...don't you?
This is her...when she first came into my custody! Look at that cushion! It's rotting and smells bad!
Here is the back view...and a little peek at my lovely assistant! Hi Busy!

After I took the cushion off my lovely assistant and I realized that she needed some love...and a little first aid...Her seat appears to have fallen in a little...and she is really dirty.

Can you see the dip?
Let's wash her up!Once she was clean...I saw her injury....I think I can fix it...

let her get dried off...

She already looks better now that she is clean!
I best get some paint...after I cleaned her up...all her white paint fell off onto the grass! EEK! She's NAKED!!! Can you hear that Gollum? Yep...that's the spray paint being we go!...I went to the hardware store and let my son choose a color....this is what he chose. I HATE IT!!!!
The store was closed for the I suppose I will just do the repairs to her for tonight.

Got the wood cut....I love my chop helps me all the time...
A few screws and the seat has been supported and stablized! Now in the morning we go for paint!
Got the is the first is a nice shade of olive green...Can't you smell the paint? I would also like to know why it is, that when I decide to paint, it is dead calm outside...not a breeze soon as I send the first paint out of the gets windy!? I have a light coat of olive green paint all over me!
Her back side...after the second coat. You can see the color a little better here...Now where shall I put her? hmmmm......think toots think....
A-HA!!!! I have an idea!
Clean the sidewalk and move her in! But she seems a little lonely.....That's better...a small table that had no where to does!
Oh yea!
I like it here don't you? It is missing something...I need to shop.....
Can you believe that this was the ONLY cushion I could find that was not hot pink? I settled for it for now, but not sure it looks good....what do you think? Should I return it? or can I get away with it for now?
She's looking around getting a feel for the view..
Still not sure about that cushion...
It is really soft though...
Maybe I am just being too picky...but it is the end of the season here...and the garden stuff is down to slim pickins..... Really...what do you think? Do you think Niartist will like it?
For now....I will go get a cold drink, and come for a little sit while you let me know how you think I did!
I also bought some red spray paint to fix up my garden wagon...maybe tomorrow...for tonight I am happy with what I did today!
Now...did you all think I would forget what day it is? Well Ladies and Gentlemen....This is Friday! And around here it is FERTILIZER FRIDAY !!!!!! You know what that means....get moving and get those flowers and houseplants fed! March! One- two- three- four......One....
See you all back here on Monday! Have a safe and happy weekend!
Oh and one more thing...thanks to Bridget, Suzanne, Becky and Justine for the paint ideas.