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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I went from Stinky to less than a week!

This is my greenhouse right now. I have let things go for a while. The plants may or may not get watered lately, but seem to be doing okay just the same.

Today I put the fiberglass insulation the vents along the roof line to help hold the heat in over the winter.
who would have thought that pink fluffy stuff could be so horrible! lol

I went from stinky to itchy in less than a week!

Note to self: wear long sleeves and thick pants to cut and fit fiberglass insulation into this when ALL three kids are at school...."Busy" thinks it is cotton candy and was hanging around like a dirty shirt!
My ears are even itchy! It was a windy day, and fairly nice outside, so I thought I would do what needed to be done. Yes....I was silly not to be more prepared! I am blaming extreme stress for my negligence!
At any rate...I thought I would take some snap shots of the inside of the greenhouse so that I could come in and make a plan of what I want to do in there for the winter. I have always wanted to have a Christmas tree in there...but not sure Christmas is coming this will just make it clean so that I can keep the plants going for the winter...they seemed to have a good time in there last winter...and that makes more room inside the house for us to move about...until the time comes (if it does) for me to plant my seeds!

come on in!

just a few houseplants

Here is the mess I have allowed to grow up...and will be cleaning up this that I can put the winter floor covering down. Which I will probably post

see the cacti I started from seed two summers ago? they are getting too big and I am nervous to change the pot in case I kill them! (look top shelf on the left)

I started Asparagus ferns from seed last August! Here is one of them.
Okay Hunky Gardener...dazzle me with the name of this plant...all I have come up with from the local garden center is Nico.....what is it? I have started about 30 of them from this is huge....and healthy, and 2 years old now...I stole a clipping of it from my kids' school ...
Banana plants from seed...if I put them in larger pots they will grow like weeds and the leaves will be huge...last years had leaves two feet wide and 4 feet long!
dirty floors, three year old geranium....lots of mess....I am so embarrassed and disappointed in myself for allowing this to look so bad....

BUT!!!!!!!! I am going to fix it up....maybe add my wicker bench and invite you all for another tour as soon as I am finished putting down the winter floor.....and cleaning it up! I also need to add a few more plants that will benefit from the winter light that is not quite so bountiful in the house ....

see you back here soon...clean smelling and itch free!


artis1111 said...

Now all you need is a TV.Kathy

Justine said...

ROFL! Your title says "sinky" instead of "stinky"! Heeheehee!
I don't think your greenhouse looks dirty at all! What kind of winter flooring do you put down?????? Geez, a lot of work goes into keeping all those plants. I love that big round thing you clipped from the kids' school. It's so pretty!
I cannot believe you did insulation without wearing heavy duty gloves and all the rest. You've got fiberglass particles all under your skin now!!!!!!!!! Better google that and see how you can get rid of it!

Justine :o )

Unknown said...

Your plants are always pretty and healthy . I sure don't see any mess . Just all your love for plants .
I hope you have a really good day .
LU Friend , Mary

Picket said...

Girl...what is wrong with you!!!! Come close to the screen so I can slap you back into reality! lol I DON'T SEE A MESS!!!! I see some gorgeous full plants that I can only dream of getting to look that full and green!!!! lol lol Man Toots that skunk spray is really starting to affect you! I can imagine how bad you stink cause down here girl if one has been hit on the road you can smell it a mile before you get to it!!!! lol Girl I know this is a stressful time for you but you have got to slow thing you know you'll be untangling all your Christmas lights & that ain't normal...they're suppose to be in a knot! lol lol Take care will get better!

Betty said...

I laughed til I cried when you made the comment about stealing the clipping from the school. Years ago my Mom and I were in a restaurant and she kept eying the plants, she kept talking about taking a start and I sitting there a bit horrified that she might. She probably would have if I hadn't been with her. She like you had such a green thumb.
I don't know the right name for that plant but it sure is awesome.
Have a great day!


SG said...

OMG!!! You didn't put on gloves and a long sleeve shirt?!!?!? Are you nuts?!?!? Yikes.

Sinky? SINKY?!?! LOL.

I think the greenhouse is awesome. I love everything in it and I'm jealous that I don't have the will or desire to do all that gardening.

Anonymous said...

Your plants always look great
Take care and slow down...
Take one day at a time! You will get thru this....
Pat H aka 9405018

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Well, shows you what I know 'cause I think it looks great in there! :-) I just in awe of anyone who can grow plants from seed. We are still running the AC here, days are really nice and in the high 70's out. Have to enjoy fall before winter arrives. Susan

Lisa (aka) French said...

Shheesh girl don't you know that stuff makes you itchy as hell if handled?? The greenhouse looks clean to me....have a hot shower and call it a day;) Try to take it easy~~~~TRY!!! French

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I love seeing your beautiful plants hanging on the outside of your greenhouse. Give yourself a break. Your greenhouse isn't a mess!! xoxoxo Terrie

Anonymous said...

Your greenhouse is clean and beautiful!!! Would love to see what you use for a winter floor. One more thing... put the clothing you wore for insulating in the garbage as I don't think the fibres will wash-out. Just my two-cents worth, from my early days of house-building. I'm so sorry you are so stressed-out and want to thank you for your work on this blog... it's always a joy to read and you are a blessing to so many. One more thing... breathe and recall your blessings. :-) Hugs, SherylCanadianGirl

Tootsie said...

There is cable t.v. and a small fridge in the cabinet at the back. I was wearing long sleeved gloves, and a hat and yoga pants. It was so hot out today that I didn't even consider the idea of a sweater until I was already itchy.
I am better now.
thanks girls

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back blogging!!!! Your skunk story was pretty funny, but I'm sure it would be more than awful to get sprayed like that. Glad you got it all taken care of. Keep smiling. (and no more fiberglass installation not properly clothed!!)

Anonymous said...

Tootsie, There was a newspaper story this week about a woman who thought she saw a cat but got sprayed by a skunk. I thought it was you! But it was someone in the South. What a good idea to insulate the greenhouse for your house plants. My neighbor gave me two plants that she said were house plants, but one appears to be a hydrangea, so I've put it outside and will plant it in the yard soon. Your sense of humor is such a joy--love your title! Glad your skin was better the next day. Fieldstone/Pam

The Hunky Gardener said...

First of all, I love the greenhouse. Secondly, I can't believe you got sprayed by a skunk!!!

Ok, about the mystery plant. It looks like plectranthus. Plectranthus coleoides 'Nico' cultivar.

It makes you itchy?

Tootsie said...

thanks hunky....and no the plant does not make me itchy...the insulation made me itchy....I was wearing a a fool