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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let me tell you!....It was awful!

This is not my best summer, not by any means, but it has been eventful. It seems my body is in for it this year. That photo of me that you see above this post.....doesn't even look like me anymore. I have since lost more than 30 pounds and my hair is much different now....but that is not the part that I am going to tell you about. What I am going to tell you about is much different than the way I now look.....and there is some talk of the garden in here too! In fact, it is the scene of the crime!
It was Wednesday Sept 10, 2008. It had been a long and very trying day, and I was trying to unwind so that I could go to sleep. I read the newest blogs, but had not enough energy to comment, and was very tired. I look over to see my trusty guard dog standing at the back door and waiting patiently for her mom to let her out for her late night potty run. I gather myself up, open the door and do the usual wait for her on the top step. (my dog does not like to be out in the dark alone- yes I KNOW)....she is pathetic...but we love her still.
I hear what I think is hissing, and strain my eyes to see if it is that black and white cat that sometimes comes and beats my silly "Miss Poo Poo" up if she tries to play with him. It IS Jerry the I run down the stairs....more "hissing" sounds....I run over to my dog, and try to shoo the "cat" away....still "hissing"......I bend down to grab my dog and rescue her ridiculous self from the kitty....just in time to realize....IT IS NOT JERRY THE BLACK AND WHITE CAT!
In is not a cat AT ALL!
Yes ladies and was indeed a SKUNK! And YES it did spray me AND my dog!
Oh the smell! Let me tell you!

What the heck it was doing in my garden, I have no idea...maybe it was smelling the flowers...but it certainly caught me off guard. I did not smell it until it was too late!
I grabbed my dog, but not before I kicked the skunk square in his big stinking spraying bum! We ran up the stairs...and then it happened....

Miss Poo Poo got away from me. She ran through the house, rubbing her skunk oil filled eyes and face all over the sofa upstairs, the sofa down stairs, and my entire bed!

Now, if you have never had the opportunity to smell the oil of a skunk up close and personal....keep it that way. I know of one beautiful girl that loves the smell of skunk, but I am POSITIVE that she would change her mind in a hurry if she smelled it in it's concentrated form....My house, my dog, and of course me....we all reeked to high heaven!

I grabbed the dog, threw her into the tub and the two of us had a nice long shower...but it was not making the smell go away! THINK TOOTSIE.....THINK!!!!
The smell was so bad, I could taste it in my mouth when I would eyes were burning and it was making me throw up....what the heck was I going to do?

I head for the internet. What can I use? there are several formulas out there that you can use, and I chose dish soap and baking soda....The soap cuts the oil of the skunk and the baking soda a point. The old myth about tomato juice is just that...a myth. The tomato juice will actually make the smell stronger and will not don't waste your time.

It got most of the smell out....but her eyes and ears were full of it too. But for the night, I was tired, crying , throwing up and stressed even worse than I had been to begin with. I could not handle any more that night and I went to bed....not that the smell would let me sleep. I cried almost all night again that night.

The next morning, I got up, got ready to go and had the next door neighbor do a smell test on my kids to ensure they did not smell like the rest of my house. They were good, no smell, and I dropped them off at school. I headed for the vet's office for some Skunk Off shampoo. Raced home and bathed the dog two more times. Finally she smelled wonderful again...and so did I. The only issue I had now, was the rest of my house and the palms of my hands. They still smelled. It smelled BAD.

I opened ALL the windows, doors and vents full speed ahead. I cleaned every inch of my house, threw the bedding away , and sprayed sprinkled and steamed pretty much anything and anything I could get my hands on....

For two solid days, my hands smelled like skunk and I had to clean the area of the yard where the skunk had been...yes...I was outside cleaning the yard... Have you ever had to wash a petunia pot, some grass and a sidewalk? It was a huge job and a nightmare to say the least.

It took almost three full days for that smell to completely go away inside the house....and the slightest whiff of anything even remotely skunky ....makes me paranoid. The sweet young man that lives next door laughed so hard at me, and now has started calling me Stinky. (boy is he lucky that I like him and that I was too tired to kick his butt)

My dog is no longer allowed to go outside at night unless I scan the area first...and even then, she is only allowed to do her business and come exploring after dark....

hey do you blame me?

My pride was hurt most of all in this entire situation. I had more people laugh at me than I would like to admit. It was not a welcome situation, but it did manage to keep my mind off the other nightmare that has taken over my life for at least a little while....and for that I was glad.

Now that you are all laughing at me...have a great day.