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Thursday, September 25, 2008

That's IT! Fall Has Arrived....ugh

Okay everyone...Fall has officially arrived on the calendar, and I had still been in denial until I woke up this morning. We had our first official killing frost last night and things are not looking so pretty in my garden anymore. I am not happy for several reasons.

All I did was dump a couple of pots, and a part (not even the whole thing) of one small flower bed and this is what the garbage man had to take to the composting area of the local landfill! 8 Cans of yard waste!
Let me tell you....he was NOT impressed with me. He is a new guy and has no idea what he is going to see over the next few weeks! The dirty looks that he was throwing over the fence were kind of funny....and there was not one grass clipping in any of those cans!

By the time I finish yanking all of the annuals, and cutting down the perennials, there will be a minimum of 50 garbage cans of flowers going out there for him to take. This year the flowers got much larger than any other year, and I planted quite a few more trays of plants out there as my greenhouse is much larger than last year, and so I am sure there will be far more than 50 cans when I have finished.

Once the beds are cleared that leaves a lot of dirt open to the naked is ugly...not to mention how much of that dirt will be coming into my house on my kids and dog! make myself feel a little better about the season that I can no longer deny...I did a little decorating in my house. I love the fall colors...just not the cold and the frost ....that I had to scrape off my windows of my truck today...and the impending snow and winter that is just around the corner...
If he complains to me about it, all I have to say is that at least I didn't ask him to pull them all first! lol

Well guys time's a wasting....I have a lot of flowers to pull, and only 8 cans to put them in. I suppose he should be happy for that...8 at a time...not such a big deal is it? lol


Blogger said...

Everything is beautiful! Your artistic touch goes from your garden right into your home:)


artis1111 said...

Oh Tootsie, I can't believe you had a frost. Burrrrr.Do you Have persimmon trees up there. Well You can't eat them till the first frost. Hubbie likes them I don't.Kathy

Jessica said...

Tootsie~ Everything looks so great! I have never decorated for fall but, I'm starting to rethink my decision. I'm sorry it's time for you to clear all your beautiful flowers. :( I offered for you to move to I think my roses still had a few blooms last Christmas.

Hugs~ J.

Betty said...

Wow! That gives a good picture of how many plants you put in.
They won't take composting items at our local waste treatment but like I said nice rich soil for the corner of the farmer's field. So I guess I am fortunate in the regard. I do put some of it in the garden to til under.
Have a great day!


Buffie said...

The poor man has NO clue what he's in for!!!! LOL!!! Your hutch with the decorations looks amazing!

Salmagundi said...

I love the pile of pumpkins in front of the window. Just great!! Tell your garbage man to come around next summer to see just how beautiful your yard is when it is blooming. Take care, Sally

Raxx - A day in the life said...

beautiful fall decor! It's news to me that you have to pull and dump all your beautiful flowers!

Wish I could transplant them here, them I'll give them back to you, maybe.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl no wonder the garbage man was giving you dirty looks !! you madee him work..WOW thats alot of clippings...I bet it breaks your heat to have to get rid of your beautiful flowers every year..Hope you have a great go fill up those trash cans girl...hugs and smiles..Gloria

Unknown said...

Oh Gal friend I was so close to tagging you but I think God stoped me .You have so much on your plate and I just knew there was a reason . Wow all those cans and I was thinking how nice it would be to have all those pretty flowers in my yard . You've got enough to do with out me tagging you . It takes a lot of time to do it , or at least mine did . I hope some day when you have time on your hands You'll do it . I would love to know more about you . Time on your hands , does a woman ever have extra time . Seems I'm always busy with some thing or some one will find some thing for me to do .
I had some others I didn't tagg that I feel real cloce to , Like I feel about you . . I've been looking for some thing on line I misplaced , but I'll not say what it is now , you'll see .
I hope your yard clean up goes easy , It's a shame it was so late for us to be able to put out plants this year and now it's clean up time already .
LU Friend , Mary


Hi Tootsie!!
Sometimes I can't leave a message on your comment section..computers !!
Your purple pumkins are sweet and your hutch looks so pretty. Nice story from What Happens In Heaven :)
I'm glad we haven't had any frost, yet!! Are you doing better??
Warmly, Deb

imjacobsmom said...

Oh No a frost already! I'm not ready.....My dahlias are going strong, my peegees are perfect, my morning glories are in full glory. Your fall deor looks great! I especially like that table and your lamp with birds, too. And your hutch -awesome! ~ Robyn

Anonymous said...

Tootsie, you have the touch for decorating! Love those Autumn accessories! :-) - SherylCanadianGirl

Julie said...

Love all your pumpkins...I am partial to them!!!

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Love all your fall decorating. I won't tell you what our temps have been...that would be cruel. LOL Winter does come early up your way. I'm a warm weather soul so I guess I better keep my feet planted in the south. Love your humor in your post...always make me smile! :-) Susan
P.S. I hope the stress you are going through eases very are in my prayers.

Renee said...

Oh, your decorations look so pretty!!! I feel the same way, love fall colors, just not the cold. We are still having nice weather here, (sorry), but yesterday I accepted fall is coming and am getting ready to bring houseplants in, and get some Mums, pansies, and ornamental kale at the garden center to plant. I'm just glad we won't have a frost for a bit yet. Sorry old man winter hits you so early, but your indoors looks beautiful!!!