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Thursday, September 25, 2008

That's IT! Fall Has Arrived....ugh

Okay everyone...Fall has officially arrived on the calendar, and I had still been in denial until I woke up this morning. We had our first official killing frost last night and things are not looking so pretty in my garden anymore. I am not happy for several reasons.

All I did was dump a couple of pots, and a part (not even the whole thing) of one small flower bed and this is what the garbage man had to take to the composting area of the local landfill! 8 Cans of yard waste!
Let me tell you....he was NOT impressed with me. He is a new guy and has no idea what he is going to see over the next few weeks! The dirty looks that he was throwing over the fence were kind of funny....and there was not one grass clipping in any of those cans!

By the time I finish yanking all of the annuals, and cutting down the perennials, there will be a minimum of 50 garbage cans of flowers going out there for him to take. This year the flowers got much larger than any other year, and I planted quite a few more trays of plants out there as my greenhouse is much larger than last year, and so I am sure there will be far more than 50 cans when I have finished.

Once the beds are cleared that leaves a lot of dirt open to the naked is ugly...not to mention how much of that dirt will be coming into my house on my kids and dog! make myself feel a little better about the season that I can no longer deny...I did a little decorating in my house. I love the fall colors...just not the cold and the frost ....that I had to scrape off my windows of my truck today...and the impending snow and winter that is just around the corner...
If he complains to me about it, all I have to say is that at least I didn't ask him to pull them all first! lol

Well guys time's a wasting....I have a lot of flowers to pull, and only 8 cans to put them in. I suppose he should be happy for that...8 at a time...not such a big deal is it? lol