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Friday, October 17, 2008


This is a question that will be seriously fun to means lots of photos...and that means we can explore lots of colors too! Here we go!

Sheryl/Canadiangirl wrote this to me:
"Love this, Glenda!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I thank God for His protection and blessings all through my life and for sunny days. :-) - I love your blog. Can you tell me how to get 'big' gorgeous Geranium blooms or perhaps, you can recommend a varitety that gives bigger blossoms??? - SherylCanadianGirl "

Where in Canada is this little friend from? Tell me!!!!! I am in central Alberta....I have my fingers crossed that you are near me! (if you told me and I forgot...please forgive...see the pic to the right?....yea...I am ....BLONDE!!!! -okay and a little neurotic as of late)

Geraniums come in all sorts of colors and bloom-types and size of plants....wooo hooo....and they are so pretty! The smell of the leaves just announces that spring has to come soon....

Geraniums are a plant that is hardy to zone 6. DEFINITELY NOT here! I have to start mine from seed each spring...but hey...that is why I am here right? lol I start mine in January each year but the package says to start indoors at least 12 weeks before the last frost. Cover the seed lightly and provide warmth and moisture.

Plant in full sun to part shade. Tuberous geraniums are early blooming, from April until mid June. For the rest of the summer they are dormant and all but disappear, so plant with late blooming beauties such as Lilies and Glads. These tuberous geraniums require dry soil, especially in their dormant state. Plant roots quite close to the surface, up to 3 inches deep.

Most of my Geraniums that I save from year to year are already in a pot....However....should you decide that you are partial to one that is planted in the ground...and want to over winter can . Before the first frost arrives, carefully dig up the plants and shake the soil from the roots. Pot each plant in a planting mix, using pots which are no larger than necessary to hold the roots. Cut the stem height by half and cut off all yellowing leaves and flower heads. Put the pots in a cool, dark, place. Do not feed, but provide a small amount of water to keep the soil moist. In spring, move to a bright spot and increase the amount of water. When vigorous growth begins, fertilize with a well-balanced fertilizer. You should have another year of beautiful geraniums
Black Velvet Series Geranium
These amazing geraniums are grown as much for their attractive foliage as for the large showy blooms! Charcoal black leaves are outlined with a narrow strip of green. Well-rounded blooms are held above the foliage on sturdy stems. Very prolific and easy to grow. Notice the dark green leaves with an almost black has been my experience that this type of Geranium does best when not in full sun. It also comes in many different colors including scarlet red and salmon (which is sort of a pinkish orange)

Multi-Bloom series
The greatest number of flowers per plant! A striking mixture of bright rose, coral-rose, lavender-pink, soft salmon, bright pink with light eye, true red, mid-salmon, bright scarlet, scarlet with white eye, and bright white. A great plant for pots and will get to about 12 inches tall. I also use these ones. The only thing that I don't like about ordering these is that I like knowing what color I planted when I do the seeding.

Orange Appeal Geranium
The best true orange geranium on the market with its nicely branching habit. This hybrid ensures a blaze of appealing orange in beds, borders or containers. Height about 13 inches. I love these...they just pop when used with Dusty Miller...

Ringo 2000 Series Geraniums
Ringo 2000 Series is the earliest F1 hybrid flowering geranium on the market. Performs extremely well in our trial gardens every year. "Ringo 2000" does not give up any quality for its earliness; it still offers outstanding garden performance and large rounded flower heads. Its compact plant habit makes it ideal for window boxes, hanging baskets, house plants, planters or beds.
Deep Scarlet is a bright orange red and Cardinal Red is a true blue-toned red.
I love all the colors of these....

Summer Showers Geranium
The first true ivy-leaf geranium from seed. Single flower heads and distinctive foliage provide showers of colour for window boxes or hanging baskets. Lovely colour mix. I tried these last year, and might be so inclined to do do again next.... now the blooms are not as large...but they do trail...

Now Sheryl...I can't say that I have any tips for how to make the biggest blooms...but I can say that I will plant either two or three plants together in a pot-provided the pot is a big enough one. If the pot is not larger than 12 inches I would only use one plant. This makes for more blooms and in turn will be more showy. I fertilize weekly and I always have large amounts of blooms on each plant. My favorite and most successful type of Geranium has to be the ringo comes in lots of colors and they are a very prolific bloomers.

This is not all the colors or types of Geraniums...but this is the ones that Veseys offers in thier online seed catalog. Veseys is where I order many of my seeds each year.


Buffie said...

Oh wow, the Salmon colored ones are beautiful, I didn't know they came in that color!

mrsben said...

I've never been a big fan of Geraniums, but yours are absolutely beautiful!!!!!
I have a question about a Dracaena (Spike plant) that I had in one of my outside containers. I have read that these babies can grow to the size of a small tree. My sister is telling me if I replant it in a flower bed, it will survive our cold/snowy winter.
By any stretch of the imagination you know, I am NOT a Gardner, so any advice you can give me Glenda would sincerely be appreciated. (I can repot it if necessary as I do have space for it indoors.) THANKS so much. -Brenda-

squawmama said...

Thanks so much for this interesting post on Geraniums… I especially loved it since I am very fond of this flowering plant. The Orange Appeal Geranium was just gorgeous and I am not sure I have ever seen one before… We can pretty much grow geraniums year round in Florida and that is probably why I love them. Thanks for the informative suggestions….


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Toots, I loved the Orange I can't get mine pass a winter here even bringing them inside doesn't hoo !!! You girl have more flower power than anyone I have ever met..Have a great day dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Betty said...

Beautiful geraniums and thanks for the information on them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you make wish I could garden, my Dad says it comes with age,guess I haven;t reached that age yet...I love Geraniums esp the red ones. Great post. Thanks for coming by, glad you like the room,nice and bright and sunny for a baby.... enjoy your weekend! Oh, by the way have you seen the new hgtv show, Pure Design on Tues. nite, check it out if you can, its quite good!!

Salmagundi said...

Thanks for the geranium info. Your pictures are beautiful. I would be embarrassed to show you my puny little geraniums. Maybe they will be better next year after learning a little more about them. Sally

Tootsie said...

well I can't agree with your dad...I am NOT that old, and....have been gardening since I was 8! lol

Tootsie said...

Mrs. for a post next week...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tootsie. Oh, how I just love geraniums - especially the regular old red ones. I even like the odd odor they have. Again, dear Tootsie, you know all!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lisa (aka) French said...

You truly have a gift with gardening~~~beautiful truly beautiful~~now I have some work that needs to be done have a few weeks to come and visit?? (lol) French;)

imjacobsmom said...

I love geraniums of all shapes and sizes. This year I had the bright pink Martha Washington variety. So bright and pink. We had a very nice summer this year so there was not that dormant period you sometimes get when it reaches 100 degrees. I can't imagine my front porch without them. ~ Robyn

Anonymous said...

Hey Tootsie! - It's Sheryl Canadian Girl and am located in Ontario and the zone is between 4 and 5. Those black velvet geraniums are so interesting - I'll try them this summer, as well as several of the other varieties you recommended. Thank you so much for the post in response to my query and will share with my SIL who does have a green thumb but not much success with 'blooming' geraniums. (Big Smiles) Thank you again ... I always love your posts. :-) - Sheryl Canadian Girl

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Tootsie...girl, I am not worthy! You amaze me with all your knowledge and talent for gardening. Love ALL the geraniums you showed...gorgeous colors! Thanks for all the great info! Susan

Rue said...

Hi Tootsie :)

Those flowers are beautiful!

I just wanted to pop in and give you a big (((hug)))

mrsben said...

Will tune in next week for the information. THANKS so very much Glenda.
P.S: Have another quick question regarding Hollyhocks. Does one cut them back for the winter? I have one stalk that is soooooo tall right now and continues to grow and blossom with the new growth only. (Most of it below is bare stem/stalk.)

Anonymous said...

I hope your weekend has been a good one...full of strength and goodness.

Stop by and visit me and join in my giveaway. If you haven't seen it be sure to read my last Friday's post.


Anonymous said...

This is just what i need! Thanks!