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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Efficient Card for All Occasions!


This is the perfect card for me! I buy birthday cards....and forget to send them...once I sent the Easter cards (the one year I sent Easter cards) out instead of the Valentines Day (the one year I did that too) cards! I am Horrible about cards....I do send Christmas cards....every year! I got this in my email and thought it was cute!
I have pre-made a couple of posts for this week. I think three...OH-AND THEY ARE GOOD ONES!!!! ....but if you all don't see too much of lil' ol me for a few days, it is because I am a tad busy with some things. (thank goodness for pre -scheduled posting) My "husband" is coming home today.
He has been gone for around a month now and we have to get ourselves organized for Christmas with the kids. This includes some shopping...among other things.
I will try my best to get around to your blogs...and leave my comments, but if I don't...please understand! I have a lot of last minute details to handle and things are about to become very interesting and hectic here.
I hope you guys have a great week! Know I will be thinking of you all...(as I go into shock from the blog withdrawl)
Get plenty of Christmas ready...and stay warm and safe. This morning I am off to hockey! yes....more hockey....this kid best love his mom....!