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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I " SQUEALED LIKE A SISSY GIRL!!!" and I still am!!!

Okay ladies!!!!! I was out trying to focus on shopping for Christmas and find that perfect something for those on my list. I went into Pier One...
"hello". said the lady in the store
"hi" I said
"is there anything you were looking for today?"
"yes...." I said, "I know this is going to sound completely insane...but do you sell crowns?"
The lady in that store looked a little startled when I squealed for real! I asked her to take me to them immediatley...and she did...
I was so excited!
Did you all hear me squeal? (no that was not an air raid siren...that was me!) Oh let me tell you! THE WHOLE STORE HEARD MY SQUEAL!!!
The lady walked me back to the area where the crowns were....I was holding as much composure as I could....trying not to trample the other shoppers in my stampede to the back of the shop..There they were...three little pretty and so desperate to be MINE!!!
I grabbed my crown and ran for the till. Clutching it in my hot little hand....No one was going to get a crown away from me! I had to pay for it immediately so that there was NO chance of losing it! There were the last three and they were was broken and the other was cracked...MINE IS PERFECT!!!!
Just look!
Good grief! do I really look like that today? ICK! well sorry guys...excitement has made my hair look like that! ooooh...I am a little embarrassed. I thought I looked much better than that today! lol
Thanks for the tip...and for the dozens of tips that I am sure to follow. I also am so glad to know that my insanity over these little babies is not unique!!! There sure are a lot of us uncrowned "queens" in blogland! lol
Now...if I put this dress....
and my new crown...I am sure that I could be the bell of the ball!
what? is that my size you ask? OF COURSE! don't you know I love to wear things like this just for everyday? I actually was thinking that I could wear this one when I plant some of my friendship pots this spring! lol
Ha ha...this I think would make a great lamp! it is a wire form that they have pulled the fabric actually made me think of is for sure her size! One of my butt cheeks would fit in there and that would be it! lol
Anyway...I am still celebrating..and bouncing around...and giddy as all get is sort of sad isn't it? lol
If I should get my hands on more crowns...I will pick up the double of each and send them to who ever should need one as badly as I did....I promise...
Finding my first crown is one of those days that will be remembered for a long is also the day that started a new collection...and obsession. When I find her a perfect spot...I will post it. Thanks again guys! I really love the comments and the confessions....and the tips!