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Friday, December 5, 2008


You know how some weeks seem to fly by quickly and others just crawl even if you are busy with things. Sometimes you lose track and sometimes it just feels like its a certain day but oh my gosh its really ”only” or oh my gosh its Thursday already!!! Yikes.. I could picture this scenerio and wanted to share it with you.
There was a young lady who was totally exhausted from a week’s worth of work. Finally, it was time for her to end her work day and go home.
As she entered the elevator, she sighed a triumphant, “T-G-I-F…,” and began to relish the thought of going home and relaxing the weekend away.
It so happened that there was a man on the elevator with her and heard her jubilant exclamation.
His reply to her was, “S-H-I-T.”
Now the woman was not sure if she heard the man correctly and she was determined not to let this man ruin her beautiful weekend she had ahead of her, so again she stated more strongly, “T-G-I-F!” and glared at the man, daring him to repeat his obscenity.
The man made eye contact and stated matter-of-factly, “S-H-I-T.”
This infuriated the young woman, so with hands on her hips she stated, “How dare you use profane language like that in front of a lady! I was saying, T-G-I-F…’Thank Goodness it’s Friday’. What is wrong with you!?”
The man was amused at her outrage and with a smirk on his face replied,
“S-H-I-T. ‘Sorry, Honey… it’s THURSDAY!”
And with that walked off the elevator with a spunky step.

Thank goodness that is not the case here! lol Have a great weekend friends...enjoy your families and have a safe and happy time! I will be trying to stop in, but we have a very busy weekend ahead of us, so I may not have time! (can you say withdrawl?) See you all on Monday!