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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Tour....

TA-DA!!!!! Welcome to my is not as big or technical as the one Janera gets to play in...but it works for me!
almost cleaned all the way up! Good enough for now...Shelving placed...but not fully assembled...not until the Christmas tree is out of the sun room...and the plants are back in the house!
See! I told you I had a desk! This is where you all will be sitting when we work together out here...maybe you can sit beside the "FAKE PLANT!!!" Just shameful aren't I? lol
We can watch t.v. while we plant....or have a pop from the fridge...I still need to clean my shelves...but at least we can get into here!
This was a gift a long time ago...I love this poem
see that is the list of flowers to order seed for!
Now for the rest of the "throne" has to go out to the garage eventually...but for now it is fine where it is.

shelves that will soon hold hundreds of seed cells...for now are stacked and have houseplants on them and various misc items....this was that "black wall" from the last post...
At one point I almost quit...but felt a little "kick" I wonder if it was Betty?
Would her boot look like this one? Hope not...that would hurt my butt!
Maybe it looks like this? kinda Jack and the beanstalk isn't it?
Maybe she roller skates over.....
Or she could be wearing old fashioned work boots? lol
It doesn't matter what the boots she wears look like....they did the trick!
Do you remember a while back I showed you this one? she was in a stand and was HUGE. The branches touched the floor....well...that frost finished a lot of that it had to have a hair cut!
This is that huge Geranium....the one called Nanny....the frost got to her too....Hope they come back nicely...
Maybe this angel will wake up and watch over them all....I sure hope so!
another view from the desk.....look! there IS a floor in there!
even the cupboard door closes now!
well has been several hours...that garbage bag there is full....and I am tired. It is about 1AM....and this Toots is dirty, smells like dust and is tired...
Goodnight little house!
Thanks for joining me in the greenhouse tour....see you tomorrow!