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Friday, February 20, 2009

Window sill Gardening....and Artificial Lighting

You could purchase a book like this....


You could ask a girl like this...

No gurarantee that I will be any help...but at least you know I have done what I am tellling you to do myself. I am giving you the tips that worked for me.

You could purchase a ready made kit...complete with seeds (this one is an herb garden)

No guarantee about how old the seeds are that are inside... could jump into your car and head to the nearest Wal-Mart. You can purchase the mini garden sets there for next to nothing. The one above is 1/2 the size of the ones I use in my greenhouse. It will hold 36 seed cells. It comes with a dome that will help keep the moisture in...and either 6 or 9 packs.The one above is the size I use in the greenhouse. It is about 12 inches across and almost 24 inches long. It too has a dome. The choice is yours....and it will be made depending on the amount of space you have to garden inside.

If your trays do not come as a kit with the seed cell packs in can also purchase them separately at Wal-Mart.

...look around the house for things you can use to start your seeds in....egg cartons...both styrofoam and the cardboard ones work. The cardboard ones are don't even have to remove the plant from them when it is time to move to a larger they will just fade away into the new soil....

You can purchase the peat pots that are not re-useable...but are "green"No matter what the preference you have for containers....You'll need some. The options for this are endless....Even clean, empty eggshells are perfect!

Purchase a small bag of potting soil,

choose a sunny windowsill.....the more light hte better....less light means you will be in the market for some of these
The photo above is a growing cart. It has the artificial lights built in...and you can use it in any area.

My luck with these is not so good. I have found that the plants need more light than those that I had purchased could offer. I suppose that going online and choosing an expensicve and appropriate lighting system would have been a lot better idea than the ones I had....that were not cheap...but appearantly not strong enough. My plants looked like skinny, weak, pale sprouts. And then they died. It was from this absolute failure that my greenhouse was born!

If you do use the artificial growing bulbs, make sure they are low enough to support the plant's light requirements....yet not too low as to burn the plants. Finding a reputable dealer that will be able to answer to what your needs are is a VERY good idea.
You have the lights, the dirt, the containers....
Now...all you need is seeds!
Plant them..and watch them grow!
(yes...these are MY eyes)