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Saturday, March 21, 2009

101....and I'm not Done!

Welcome! I have been asked over and over to post about what's going on in the greenhouse. it a huge mess. I am up to 101 trays of plants, and still have a few to go.
Let's take a tour...
The photo above is to the left when you first enter. The really big ones are the Petunia trays.
This one is the long wall on the right of the door. As you can see...some things are still VERY small.

A view from the back by the desk....
This is the Blue and the white Bacopa....coming along nicely...It is the first year I have been able to get my hot little hands on seed for Bacopa and I am happy with the progress.
The Swedish Ivy is getting it's fuzzy look...
Hey Justine!!! These are your Pepper Plants! There are only 5 of them.
A close up of the lobelia that actually germinated. This is not a good year for Lobelia seeds...many did nothing at all so far. I have to re-seed some of these.
The Trailing Verbena is doing great! So are the Petunia's beside them.
Some close up's of the Geraniums. Say "fertilize!"...
It is hard to see the Marigolds. They are up! I am a little surprised they are up already, as I only planted them two days ago!
What a horrible mess!!!! I am not sure which is dirtier...the greenhouse...
.....Or my fingernails!
It is almost time to start making my hanging baskets and some of the pots...That should free up some space. I just hope I have enough plants when I am done! The next tour will be much cleaner...I promise!
Well....It is well after midnight, and I need a shower. Thanks for taking a trip to the land of Dirt!