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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring? Yea Right! Greenhouse update

This view was out my bedroom window last Sunday.... I couldn't even get a shot of all of them...there were sooooo many...
They packed down the fresh foot of snow we had just received! Then as quick as they came...they were gone.
The rest of blog land seems to be seeing things sprouting...NOT ME!
It is not even melting here...and...AND we are expecting MORE snow!
How UGLY is my garden this time of year!
The spring fairy hasn't been here yet...I think she is waiting for the Dog poop fairy to go away first! lol
BUT!!!! Tamara's greenhouse inspired some pot building and cleaning in mine!!!!
30 hanging baskets for the fence in my garden....DONE!
SEE??? It looks like loads of plants were used doesn't it?
I even tidied up a little for your visit today.... My desk is cleared a bit....
All those pots only used enough plants to make this much extra space! lol
Here's a little tip...if you want to see some big changes in the petunias...mess up their roots a little bit! They love it...not too much...but just enough to wake them up! I always see a growth spurt after I transplant them, weed or fluff the soil around them!
Just a thought!
I need spring!