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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey JUSTINE!!!!! LOOK!! LOOK!!!!!! NOW! Friday Extra

I was in the greenhouse trying to warm my weary bones....(yea it is darned cold here today...that wind is like a cold knife)....and I happened to peek in on Justine's Ornamental Pepper plant....see the white blooms Justine....? wait...don't stop looking...there's more to the story!There it is! One of 6 little pepper plants! They are all in bloom already. I must admit I was super proud to see them blooming....I have never planted them before...and the ones I bought at the store a few years back were practically dead before I got them into the house! lol
Hey Justine!....can you see what I am seeing?
Here is another hint....see what I am seeing? I bet Darla sees it.... TA-DA!!!!!! JUSTINE!!!! DO YOU SEE IT??????? PEPPERS ON OUR PLANT!!!! WOOO HOOO!!! GIVE THIS GIRL A COOKIE! oops!!! I meant a crown...(which by the way...I still have not found anymore...and we don't have HomeGoods!!!!!) Focus Tootsie.....FOCUS!!!!
All of the pepper plants have each at least one little yellow pepper on them!!!
I bet my Dad is grinning right now...I think I got most of my green thumbs from him! (okay and my silliness issues too....and my junk collecting issues....and the ability to tick off my mom....I got a lot from him didn't I?) (lets save that for Father's Yea...a little bum kissing goes a LONG way here and there!!!