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Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Fertilizer Friday...and some proof!

Okay ladies and gents- listen up! It is time to stop pussy footing around this greenhouse and houseplant is time to give those plants a kick in the roots! Get your big boots on guys....grab your hose (watering can) and some fertilizer....and lets get busy! No more lazy daisy's...make them do what plants are supposed to do!!! GROW.
Have a great weekend...happy fertilizing!
Now..without further adieu....I thought I'd give a little proof that I have not been on vacation...and that I actually do follow my own Tootsie Tips...This ugly mess is my grass and back yard BEFORE I touched them.

Remember when I did that post about Waking up the grass? If you don' here I got the thatch blade mower out....and did some very intensive exercise!
Look at all that thatch! It took me 9 large yard waste garbage cans and two large garbage bags to pull off all of that after I fluffed it up! Yes...yes I was filthy and could hardly walk after...even had grass clippings in places best left un-described....(in case Picket drops by) lol
The other day I found out that it takes Two men (grown strong men) to hang a shelf....
And it takes these same two men as many minutes to hang said shelf as it does for one Tootsie to power rake and pick up the thatch from two yards (front and back) this size! I did mine and the guy next door....just to be nice!
Then.....I fertilized the grass too! If you want to know more about the fertilizer we use on our grass and other little tid bits about greening it here for a post called The greener the Better . Don't you just love it when you can link to your own stuff?