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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flaunt Those Flowers...Fertiizer Friday is here!!!

Welcome!!! I hope you have your fertilizer ready!!! Today is Friday...and today is the day we feed our flowers!!! After you feed those beautiful up...grab my photo and join me for Flaunt your Flowers!!! Add yourself to the mister linky at the bottom of this post and share with us all the wonderful flowers you are growing and enjoying!
Here is a few shots from my garden this week. I have finished planting...and have moved on to some unfinished, and some new projects (which I will share next week) Most of my plantings are still in "recovery" from the planting and very warm sun, so I will hopefully be sharing some next week...this one hangs on the tree house....
this one hangs on the fence...
Dianthus... up...I do hope it works...Mister Linky has a few issues this week!!!
This is ridiculous...why won't it show up?????