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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Crazy Sisters....Change/Clean A Bedroom.

At one time...this was Jordan's room...I loved the curtains...well...I loved it all...But...she didn't. SO- being a good mom (or a stupid one) I let her choose her own style....paint....yea...
This is what we ended up with. I had to do some fancy Tootsie-ing to get it just took forever...and that paint was a stretch for me to say the least....
Bright enough for us???? like the flip flop garden plaques?
Well....Over time...(about a year)...this nice bright room...became a nightmare space...and it was time to take back the decorating, cleaning and do some changes. I didn't want to paint this time, so I decorated around the grape green (top color) and lime (bottom). Have I mentioned that I do not like the wall colors so much? lol
I will spare us the "list" as it pretty much included scrubbing every surface, and 5 -yes 5 garbage bags....(no more letting them take care of their own rooms....that only lasted a couple
So...I got started...and for less than $100 I managed to pick up what I thought I would need...

This is the culprit that single handed-ly made her mom (me) mad enough to shake upon the opening of the closets....Say hi to Jordan...she is 8...and will be very lucky if she is still living here when she is 9 if she doesn't SMARTEN UP! lol

Drum roll Please.......After a lot of hard work, scrubbing and a huge amount of goofing around and giggling...(making up blog posts in our heads)....she finished the curtains, I finished the rest...and VOILA!

I didn't do anything but scrub these walls....the color sure looks different without the loud fabrics doesn't it? (Jordan was recently diagnosed with ADD-ODD, and a calmer room might be a very good thing for us...) Pretty sure I need to re-paint. Not loving this any more than I did before...maybe even
It looks way better in person! Can't say the photos do it justice.

These are the curtains. Made from $8 wal mart bed sheets.
They are super cute...the tassels...from the dollar store $1 each for the big ones!

This room took several hours longer than I thought it would...or should have....and Jordan BEST be keeping it CLEAN-or I will move her to the garage!